Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services

Unify your ERP system with our expert services for existing and new Microsoft Dynamics AX & 365 customers. If you are already running Microsoft Dynamics 365, or are planning to, Avantiico can provide a number of services tailored to your business needs. As a certified Microsoft Dynamics AX & 365 Gold Partner, Avantiico can help you with your ERP evaluation, implementation, support, and upgrade needs. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services Overview

Roadmapping & Strategic Services

Help maximize your organization's Dynamics 365 investments by taking advantage of the Dynamics Suite Support

Implementation & Audit

Use our implementation and audit methodology to help move your implementation and/or migration forward quickly and efficiently

Culture & Change Management

Let us help you prepare, implement and support organizational change. We offer methods that help empower your project

Infrastructure Management

Avantiico's relationship with Microsoft enables us to help your organization with ongoing updates and ensure your business processes are up-to-date

Microsoft Azure & Cloud Computing

Make smarter decisions, redesign business processes faster, and fuel business growth using the cloud-based enterprise resource planning solution built for, and on, Azure

Managed Services

Avantiico brings proactive monitoring, world class support, and development for Dynamics AX & 365 deployment that helps ensure remarkable results, and organizational change


Avantiico provides customized developer training and helps you identify tasks, provide code reviews, best-practice and deployment oversight

Disaster Recovery

Avantiico provides an overview of dev environments, customer engagements, and make sure disaster protocols are understood and followed

Project Management

Our Project Managers work closely with your organization's upper-management team to make sure that the scope and direction of each project is up to standard

ERP Selection Process

If you are evaluating a new ERP system and need help and guidance in the process, we recommend you to download and follow the new ERP Evaluation Guide

Modern business center

Why Work With Avantiico

The Avantiico team has over 400+ years of collective Microsoft Dynamics AX & 365 experience from over 20 countries. Our team strives to solve complex business challenges through helping our manufacturing, food production, retail, financial services, public sector, franchise management and professional services customers achieve their business objectives. 

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