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A free Microsoft Dynamics 365 trial allows your entire business to explore and evaluate new Microsoft ERP and CRM apps. See how your organization can achieve far more with new Dynamics 365.

Are you evanulating SAP versus Microsoft Dynamics? Netsuite versus Dynamics 365? Use a Dynamics 365 trial to see what works best for your own business. 

Select the Dynamics 365 applications you are most interested below. Get complimentary help to start your evaluation.

Learn and evaluate with a Dynamics 365 trial

Dynamics 365 is a suite of integrated ERP and CRM applications. The suite includes all the business applications you need across your enterprise. With Dynamics 365 you can select CRM or ERP applications á la carte. Add more Dynamics 365 applications as your business changes or old systems are being retired. 

Step 1. Select the applications your team wants to evaluate

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365 Commerce

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Learn about microsoft products via a free Trial

Let your team explore Dynamics 365 features on your own and at your planned evaluation pace. As a complimentary offer, get assistance to better evaluate ERP and CRM features. Understand user security, Microsoft Dynamics training, implementation times and much more.  


Your Dynamics 365 trial provides a 360-view of what your business can achieve with Microsoft ERP and CRM. Evaluate how your business can operate and thrive in  Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft cloud. 

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How does a Dynamics 365 Trial work?

Avantiico’s Dynamics 365 Trial offers your teams a great way of exploring all Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP or Microsoft CRM solutions without costs and without a subscription commitment. Most Dynamics 365 Trials are fully functional in terms of all features working similar to the paid Dynamics 365 subscription . Dynamics 365 Trials generally offer a 30-day trial period, but can be extended.


A dedicated Dynamics 365 Trial environment allows your business users and IT team members to evaluate Dynamics 365 features relevant to your particular business processes and business scenarios. Avantiico offers complimentary Dynamics 365 Trial support.  Your team can get help with getting started, exploring detailed feature scenarios in, for example, Dynamics 365 Finance. Get help with ongoing questions about “how do we do this”.


Start your evaluation of ERP our CRM features with a Dynamics 365 trial. Get the freedom to compare for example Dynamics 365 vs SAP features, understand Microsoft 365 versus Netsuite modules (or other Oracle solutions). With a Microsoft Dynamics 365 trial your team has time to prove and verify the new solution works for your business.  

How do I start my Dynamics 365 Trial?

The Avantiico Cloud Architect team will assist your team navigating the simple Dynamics 365 Trial set up for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Trial application you have chosen. The exact process for setting up your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Trial depends on whether or not your organization is an existing Microsoft user organization or new to Microsoft Cloud subscriptions. Your assigned Avantiico 365 Trial Team will help determine the best way to manage your Dynamics 365 Trial based on the following criteria:


1) If your organization already has a Microsoft tenant for other Microsoft cloud subscriptions (a tenant where Azure Active Directory is available) 

2) Whether your organization does not yet have a Microsoft tenant.


Perhaps you don’t know about your organization’s current status. The Avantiico team will help you determine your starting point. To ensure your team follows your company data policies, the Avantiico Cloud Architect will make sure your Dynamics 365 trial is set up in accordance with possible other Microsoft subscriptions hosting your Microsoft cloud applications (including Office 365 , Azure).

How much does Dynamics 365 software cost?

Following your Dynamics 365 Trial, you can choose to continue with a subscription. Dynamics 365 users follow a simple per user subscription model. Users can start with one Dynamics 365 application and add more Dynamics 365 apps where needed.



Find a full overview of Microsoft Dynamics 365 licensing cost per user, please go to Dynamics 365 pricing page. For detailed information about Microsoft Dynamics 365 user types and Microsoft license pricing per user type, please refer to our Dynamics 365 Licensing page. 

SAP vs Dynamics 365 evaluation?

Is your organization is evaluating new accounting and ERP software solutions? Are you also looking at new CRM solutions, Customer Service portals or reporting solutions?

A Microsoft D365 Trial can help you compare and contrast solutions. Free Microsoft Dynamics 365 trials paired with Avantiico’s Microsoft Dynamics Academy assistance helps your team identify and pick the best solution for your business based on proven business processes. Free Microsoft Dynamics 365 Trials can be used for evaluating SAP, Oracle and Netsuite against Dynamics 365 business applications.


1) Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs SAP applications (and Dynamics 365 user pricing versus SAP)

2) Oracle versus Dynamics 365 ERP or CRM

3) Netsuite vs Dynamics 365


Start your Microsoft Dynamics 365 evaluation with a Free Dynamics 365 and step-by-step assistance from Avantiico solution specialists.

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