Power Virtual Agents

The latest addition to the  Microsoft Power Platform set of tools is Power Virtual Agents. It is a tool for creating, maintaining and monitoring the performance of chatbots – Artificial Intelligence apps that simulate human conversation though voice, typing, text and action. Chatbots enhance the functionality of the basic pre-recorded voice message systems and ensure a majority of customer issues are solved in a single session and without the help live agent. Depending on the complexity of your business, Power Virtual Agents implementations often reduce the call center load anywhere from 50% to 90%. Chatbots are available 24/7 and deliver instant and up-to date answers even when offices are closed. They learn from user inputs and train themselves, so over time they can handle more and more requests independently. Power Virtual Agents give a non-experienced user the ability to create, test and publish a chatbot, giving it personality, the ability to interact in natural human language and even a sense of humor.

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents Chatbot Introduction 101

Does my business need a Virtual Agent?

Power Virtual Agents Create New Bot

If one or more of the following applies to your organization, the benefits from using the Power Virtual Agents for your organization would far outweigh the cost: 

Virtual Agents offers live agents assistance

Most of the client questions are commonly occurring and routine: checking the status of application or shipment, setting or rescheduling an appointment, updating the payment details. Power Virtual Agents can handle these tasks by themselves and only pass the most complicated issues to the live agents. There is no limit to a number of chats the bot can handle, so even the peak loads would be easier on your live agents.


Bots have an instant response time, whereas the live agent could be busy with other customers. Virtual agents are available 24/7 – anytime the client needs them.


A major reason for using the chatbots in business is their cost efficiency: they are cheaper in every aspect, they also don’t have to consider overtime laws. 


Power Virtual Agents, like service representatives can collect and aggregate client feedback data, giving you key insights into customer behavior. Analyzing the data collected by the bot with Power BI will pinpoint the trend most profitable for your business growth.

Chatbot made with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Let your live agents quickly build the extra help they need

Your live agents are the subject matter experts in customer service. With a low-code interface provided by Power Virtual Agents they have the power to build the chatbots by themselves.


The help topics for the chatbots could be created from existing web pages or built on a database you might already have.


Needless to say, the process would be much faster if they had a solutions expert from Avantiico helping them in their initial steps. It would also be a good idea to test the chatbot before you publishing it to the outside world – and our experts can help you there as well.

Chatbots can help even inside of your organization

Do not limit the usage of Power Virtual Agent chatbots to the outside world: they could be beneficial even inside of your organization.


Have a look around: does your HR team or your accounting have to answer common questions regarding booking annual vacations, providing a paid day off or leave of absence, or maybe an update to a family status for the group insurance plan? Chatbots can start the conversation and send the request for approval straight to the employee’s manager. In the most uncommon situations it is still able to pass the client to a live specialist.

Explore your opportunities
with Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents

Base license
$ 1,000 Per Month for 2,000 sessions

Session add-ons

If the base license needs to be extended
$ 450 Per Month for additional 1,000 sessions

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