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Automate Manual Tasks and Scale Your Business

Franchise businesses operating large organizations with multiple legal entities such as retail shops, restaurants, B2B products or services experience many repetitive, manual, and error-prone accounting workflows.  The Advanced Multi-Company Solution (AMCS) is designed to help franchise accounting teams managing 5, 25, 100 or 500+ legal entities with their day-to-day tasks and month-end processes including managing AP, GL, FA, reporting, and inquiries across all companies within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance. Franchise accounting teams face manual processing challenges that the Avantiico cloud solution automates and scales.

Accounting tasks including journal import and post to validation, legal entity creation, and financial reports can be fully automated saving significant time and costs. The franchise automation software enhances modules within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and gives teams the ability to complete financial processes in mass for any number of legal entities at one time.

Streamline Your Franchise Accounting Management in Dynamics 365

Reduce Manual Work

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Upload journals, create, validate, and post  financials for all legal entities simultaneously. No need to navigate each company individually.

Decrease Accounting Costs

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Streamline accounting workflows and automate tasks, significantly reducing accounting labor costs and errors.

Save Time

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Access company-wide financials and inquiries including trial balances and tax reports without switching between companies.

Dynamics 365 Finance for Franchise Management Accounting

Dynamics 365 Finance offers a comprehensive suite of best in class accounting tools that can be tailored to meet franchise management needs. Microsoft’s ERP software supports standard operations that meet the financial processing needs of enterprises including journals, reports and enquiries, and Excel uploads. For large scale franchise organizations, the Advanced Multi-Company Solution is built for franchises and essential for growth and efficient planning to support your business ambitions.


While standard Dynamics 365 Finance meets the needs of most enterprises, franchise accounting can be difficult in the out-of-box software. Over the last decade, Avantiico experts have developed a proven solution for our franchise management clients. The solution allows for additional functions in Dynamics 365 that create an optimally efficient, centralized franchise management software.

Advanced multi-company solution in D365 Finance and Operations
Journal posted in AMCS

Automate Multi-Company Journals

A key benefit of the Advanced Multi-Company Solution is the ability to validate and post journals for multiple companies from within a single journal. A limitation of Dynamics 365 Finance is that standard Global journals only allow the user to process one legal entity’s journal at a time.

The centralized nature of the Avantiico software drastically minimizes the number of operational steps the user executes to carry out their duties. Therefore, delivering considerable time and cost savings while reducing the risk of human error associated with posting data in the incorrect company when navigating between numerous companies.

Multi-company journals are available for:

  • General ledger journals
  • Accounts payable journals
  • Accounts receivable journals
  • Fixed asset journals
Simplify Reports and Inquiries

With AMCS, reporting and inquiring can be done simultaneously for any number of your legal entities from within any company. A limitation of the standard Dynamics 365 Finance application is that all financial reports and inquiries must be run individually from each relevant company. The Avantiico solution allows for one “master” activity that creates reports and inquiries for all selected legal entities together, while still delivering output at a company level.

Multi company trial balance
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Expedite the Creation of Legal Entities

The Advanced Multi-Company Solution allows for the bulk, expedited and automated creation of basic Dynamics 365 Finance legal entities through an Excel import. This works for any legal entity where company information, chart of accounts, calendars and currency are already defined in a spreadsheet. A disadvantage of standard Dynamics 365 is that every legal entity set up in Dynamics 365 Finance has a requirement that a legal entity record and ledger setup must be created manually for each legal entity. For companies that need to create numerous legal entities, the Avantiico solution can save countless hours of work.

Dynamics 365 Finance Benefits for Franchise Management Companies

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