Franchise Management

Restaurants chains and top franchise management businesses rely on Microsoft Dynamics 365 to drive digital their transformation. 

With A modern ERP system from Microsoft, you can adapt quickly to changing market demands, optimize your franchises, run smarter and make better decisions due to the technology advantages you will get with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

New Technology Fosters Growth

Entry level accounting systems often block successful restaurants and franchises on their growth journey. Operating a growing organization with limited capability or to basic finance and operation functionality will be a problem sooner or later. Relaying on manual spreadsheet with key data such as payables, inventory, reports and sales be valuable insight for management to make decisions.

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Difference Accounting Systems

Another common thing for many restaurant chains and franchises is that they operate from different locations with different ERP of accounting systems, which create problems comparing forecast, reports or doing their payroll. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help you align you business

Data is the key to success.

Keeping your franchise modern and profitable requires that you invest in a modern ERP system with financial visibility and capability.


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Better Control & Insights

Company Consolidation

Integrated Data Flow

Optimized Invoicing

Accurate Reporting

Risk of Choosing the Wrong System

Inefficient accounting systems can easily put your franchise at risk. Steering your business on incorrect financial reports, wrong analysis or bad data will be blind folded navigation.  

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Upsides for Restaurants and Retail Franchise Management Companies

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