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Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management helps businesses across industries increase productivity and manage new and changed customer demand. The cloud based Microsoft ERP and Dynamics 365  Supply Chain modules provide the full set of features your business users and decision makers require for managing production, MRP, inventory management, warehousing, transportation management and much more. Make real-time and data driven decisions across your entire business and supply chain operations with D365 Supply Chain Management.

MS Supply Chain

Rethink and improve all operations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

MS Supply Chain

Use real-time production planning in Dynamics 365 SCM to improve on-time delivery.  Become a nimble organization by enabling the Planning Optimization Add-in in Dynamics 365 to anticipate changes in customer demands, available materials, and capacity limitations within manufacturing locations.

Seamlessly employ multiple manufacturing methodologies such as make-to-stock, make-to-order, assemble-to-order and engineer-to-order. Supported manufacturing methodologies also include discrete, process, lean, and Kanban.

Improve resource management automation within work functions in Dynamics 365 and gain visibility among your teams and operational resources by integrating Dynamics 365 Field Service.

Implement a synchronized work environment to enhance operational processes using the Internet of Things (IoT), mixed reality, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to increase the output of personnel, procedures, and tools.

Modernize your entire warehouse with Dynamics 365 WMS

Achieve operational and inventory insights with Dynamics 365 WMS features throughout your warehouses to efficiently manage inventory, locations, warehouse capacity, and move finished goods in real time.

Utilize wave planning for sales orders, production orders, and Kanban orders. Picking, shipping, and production waves can all be configured with wave templates.

Daily tasks are simplified with mobile apps tailor-made to employees and warehouse roles, resulting in productivity improvements.

Automate and maximize warehouse functions in Dynamics 365 SCM by optimizing space availability. Built-in AI functions increase material and finished goods management.

Apply Microsoft Power BI operations to gain instant insights of your warehouse’s status and generate company-specific heatmaps of warehouse processes without code development.

MS Supply Chain

Enhance production execution

MS Supply Chain

Boost manufacturing productivity and increase resource availability using Microsoft Dynamics 365. Access production and inventory details at your finger-tips while managing equipment operations and shop floor activities. Connect your entire set of machines and manufacturing resources with Microsoft IoT tools.

Actualize process improvements and asset efficiency with predictability using machine learning and AI to solve issues as they arise.

Expand proficiency among work teams who carry out maintenance on business-critical assets to remove expensive errors by using Dynamics 365 Guides with mixed reality.

Manage and maximize the life of all your assets with Dynamics 365 Asset Management

Predictive, corrective, and conditional maintenance task planning and support can be easily applied to all your organizational assets.

Up-to-date performance data from machines, IoT devices and Field Service data improve the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of all assets tracked in Dynamics 365 by anticipating maintenance requirements before they occur.

Take advantage of Dynamics 365 Guides to eliminate knowledge gaps, train new employees, and expand the high-value assets life expectancy by implementing predictive maintenance structures.

MS Supply Chain

Optimize production performance

Supply Chain

Integrate all supply chain functions – sales, purchasing, logistics, inventory, production, warehouse, and transportation management come together in Dynamics 365. Seamlessly visualize the full cycle of business activities across departments, business entities, time zones and geographies. Additionally, analyze operations based on KPI’s to optimize cash flow.

Centralize procure-to-pay processes with a single application to oversee contract management, vendor onboarding, delivery-time execution, and external vendor collaboration.

The Dynamics 365 Planning Optimization Add-in facilitates adjusting inventory stock so your organization can prepare according to customer demand variability and capacity restrictions. 

Asset downtime is shortened when field service operations are automated so applicable resources are available for all scenarios in a timely manner.

Logistical tasks are coordinated across sites, warehouses, and transportation modes to reduce excessive costs and improve fulfillment requirements.

Distribute quality products to satisfied customers by instituting quality-control standards that resolve issues quickly with up-to-the minute analytics.

Utilize inbound shipping and product lifecycle management features
Simplify Inbound Shipping with the Dynamics 365 Landed Cost Module
Streamline Product Lifecycle Management with Dynamics 365 Engineering Change Management
Engineering Change Management Standard View

Transform inbound shipping to get predictable and cost-effective deliveries with the Landed Cost Module for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Managing long supply chains from a logistical and financial standpoint (freight, duties etc.) can be overwhelming without capable software. The Landed Cost Module in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management adds full visibility and offers the flexibility necessary for complex, real-life scenarios.

Inbound tracking functionality allows for the definition of journey templates and tracks containers based on estimated lead times. These lead times are then be changed automatically when the actual arrival date is captured.

Voyage costing includes estimated costs, by type, over the course of a voyage and automatically updates them with actual costs when invoices are posted for the voyage/container/PO/items. Added financial visibility of outstanding liabilities is essential.

Determine terms of delivery (Incoterms) are supported in the module and their corresponding journey templates with change of ownership points. 

Duty Calculation and definition based on product and county imported from.

Simple version management for hardware, firmware, and software, and comprehensive business processes covering change requests, change orders, impact analysis and change implementation.

Define product lifecycle states and corresponding transaction types allowed for that state.

Engineering change request workflows to expedite review and approval, accelerating the process of identifying a need for engineering change and beginning the change process.

Engineering change orders reflected on the product version describing formulas, routings, and bill of materials to clearly define all changes necessary for affected products. 

Clear change implementation processes that utilize where-used analyses to determine optimal timing for change implementation.

Multi-company capabilities allowing for centralized PLM software use.

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