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Discover the Future of Third-Party Logistics Software: Automate Your 3PL Business with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Join the four-part webinar series exploring the value of 3PL automation. Discover how to eliminate manual tasks,  automate billing cycles, maximize cash flow, and uncover new revenue streams.

Automate 3PL Billing and Operations with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution by Avantiico

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Discover the Future of 3PL: Upcoming Webinars

Automate 3PL Billing and Operations with the Dynamics 365 ISV Solution

Is your 3PL company slowed down by manual processes and reconciling data from multiple systems in Excel?

Join us for session one of the 3PL Automation webinar series led by Steve Stallings – D365 Supply Chain Specialist

Discover how to automate billing cycles, maximize cash flow, and uncover new revenue streams. This webinar will showcase the powerful ISV solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain, specifically designed to streamline and modernize your 3PL billing and operations. Register now to transform your business for 2024!



  1. Existing gaps in ERP software that don’t meet 3PL providers needs
  2. How the 3PL Billing Automation Solution ISV by Avantiico solves industry gaps and pain points with its full suite of features
  3. Easily define and manage contract terms for all your customers within Microsoft Dynamics 365
  4. Accurately invoice your customers for value-added services and other billing activities and charges 
  5. Automate the creation of periodic sales orders and invoices
  6. Enhance customer service, client communications, and insights with a customizable customer and onboarding portal
  7. Track your spending, identify discrepancies, and gather real-time data with pre-defined reports in Power BI

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