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What is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner?

The good Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner, specializing in Microsoft Dynamics 365, helps your organizations with holistic advice, feature and development consulting services, Dynamics 365 training, testing, cut-over planning and support plans for your solution after go-live. For organizations transitioning from older ERP and Accounting Solutions (for example SAP, Oracle etc.) to a modern Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution, the experienced Microsoft Partner delivers Dynamics 365 product knowledge to your subject matter experts before the Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation starts. 

An experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner covers the entirety of modules and features of your accounting software and supply chain management solution. Knowledge of seamless integrations of typical add-on solutions is also provided. The partner consulting team members, leveraging their industry experience and using Dynamics, help guide your entire team through the lifecycle which include assisting your team with evaluating and selecting the right accounting solution up front, analyze the user needs and correct licensing for your Microsoft Dynamics solution, project plan and define the migrating approach and project tooling, build the detailed implementation plan for Analysis Phase to Go-live, assist with change management and servicing and supporting your business once live on the Dynamics 365 solution.


Tailored demo of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to your needs

Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management offers a suite of modules and business-critical features transcending classical ERP and CRM applications. The Dynamics 365 apps all run in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, which gives your team state of the art cloud security and most importantly data management, data security and availability. Microsoft Dynamics 365


The experienced Microsoft Partner helps your team focus on what matters the most. With a super comprehensive set of standard accounting and supply chain features, it is easy to lose sight nice to have versus must have features for your organization. As a very experienced implementor of Dynamics 365 Finance, the Avantiico teams offer your team a two-hour free Dynamics solution discovery session. Here your team will get tangible examples of high value features and possibilities based on your needs and relevant to your organization industry or business model needs. Learn more here Request Free Assesment 

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What is a Microsoft Solutions Partner?

Microsoft Solutions Partner is an elite Microsoft status designation issued by Microsoft. The Partner designation is for highly certified Dynamics 365 consulting partners like Avantiico is based on providing the full range of Microsoft consulting expertise across trade and logistics, inventory management, WMS, manufacturing, procurement and all of the accounting solution and finance disciplines. The role of the Microsoft Solutions Partner is to provide the highest standards of product expertise and guidance during the discovery phase, implementation and subsequent support of Microsoft ERP and CRM systems for end user organizations.


Picking the right Microsoft Solutions Partner
Finding the right Microsoft Solutions Partner for your ERP evaluation or Finance implementation project can be the difference between project delays, failure or accelerated business success.

As a proven Microsoft Solutions Certified Partner, Avantiico has the track record and end-2-end Microsoft solution expertise saving your organization valuable time, avoiding risks and ultimately saving you money. It as our mission to eliminate the risks involved with digital transformation and secure your organization a successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration and deployment.


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Learn more about the Microsoft Solutions Partner difference and the Avantiico advantage. Book your two-hour consultation with one of our experts (it is free), and let us discuss your solution needs and what is possible with Microsoft and Dynamics 365.

What is a Microsoft Dynamics AX partner?

A Microsoft Dynamics AX Partner supports companies with the AX ERP system integrated. Furthermore, Dynamics AX Partners helps with upgrading as well as migrating older on-premise versions of Dynamics AX  (4.0, 2009 and 2012) to the modern cloud based Dynamics 365. 

Why consider upgrading AX to Dynamics with a Dynamics AX Partner

By migrating from an on-premise Dynamics AX setup to a cloud based Dynamics 365 setup you get the benefits of saving money, process optimisation and access to state of the art cybersecurity. With the Microsoft Cloud you dont have to worry about data storage, servers, security or compliance since Dynamics 365 covers that.
Microsoft AX partner & Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM

Furthermore, employees can benefit from always having access to crucial company data via their phone with Dynamics 365. The comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics application environment let employees work smarter and become more innovative.     

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What is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program gives Microsoft Partners the opportunity to manage their Customers entire MS cloud lifecycle. The partners can utilize the power of the cloud and manage and support customer subscriptions. This allows the MS CSPs to become their customers trusted advisors and manage the entire “Microsoft Customer Journey”.

What can a Cloud Solution Provider offer your business?

A Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) like Avantiico offers your business streamlined billing based on usage, invoicing, and ongoing support. With CSP billing, you receive monthly invoices reflecting your service usage, ensuring transparency and predictability in costs. Additionally, partnering with Avantiico as your CSP provides you with ongoing support through a dedicated point of contact. As your CSP, Avantiico becomes the go-to resource for all support calls and inquiries, alleviating the burden of finding the right person to address your concerns. This comprehensive support system ensures prompt and efficient assistance, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Microsoft Cloud Service Provider

Moreover, a CSP partnership with Avantiico eliminates upfront payments, providing you with flexibility in licensing models. Rather than committing to annual seat licenses or upfront payments, you are billed based on your actual service usage after each billing period. This allows you to align your costs with your business needs and scale your cloud resources accordingly. By removing the financial barriers, a CSP partnership with Avantiico empowers your business to leverage cloud services in a cost-effective manner, optimizing your operational efficiency and maximizing your return on investment.


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