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No matter if you are looking to optimize your business for growth, for profitability or for scale, the Microsoft Cloud supports your vision. Across business models and industries Avantiico teams provide customers with the advice, assistance and technology stacks that act as the heart of digital transformation. Build a connected business that unifies data, processes, and all stakeholders the way modern businesses want to operate today.

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Optimizing Finance & Accounting

Businesses across the globe are shifting to adapt to ever-changing and unpredictable market demands. This portfolio of Microsoft business applications can help transform your financial operations and deliver innovation for all teams. Dynamics 365 helps your business optimize all aspects of accounting, deliver automation and new operating models for all parts of your organization. Improve your financial performance and make informed decisions using real-time reporting, AI-driven driven insights, and embedded analytics.


Common Challenges

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Mergers & Acquisitions

With Mergers & Acquisitions (M&As) come a typical characteristic: IT challenges. In fact, avoiding long term technical debt from an acquisition and having a predefined go-forward IT landscape is the only way to guarantee a successful M&A. Among the top challenges your business must mitigate are: a business application consolidation plan, system integrations, corporate reporting and analytics, compliance mgmt., security and segregation of duties, and retaining critical skills and partnerships. Avantiico has experience in helping both private and public-traded companies through different types of M&As such as spin-offs and acquisitions.

Finance Automation for Multi-Company Businesses

The Multi-Company solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is an essential automation tool for organizations with many legal entities or companies. This Dynamics ISV solution enables efficient and error-free processing of multi-company journals by executing, validating, and posting all legal entities within a single journal. Its use of templates ensures that all legal entities are included in journal transactions and allows users to quickly create new legal entities, reducing keystrokes and operational steps. With the automation solution, accounting teams can complete tasks quickly and accurately, saving valuable time and resources. Additionally, the software’s ability to validate transactions guarantees compliance with legal and financial regulations, providing peace of mind to users. 

Streamline Supply Chain

Significant disruptions in the supply and demand have exposed the fragility of many local and global supply chains across many industries. As a result, almost 70% of supply chain leaders have had to frequently manage disruptions since 2019. To tackle this issue, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management offers a solution to transform supply chains into a competitive advantage, without having to replace all existing systems. This transformation can help businesses adapt to changing business needs and establish sustainable manufacturing and distribution processes that minimize waste. 


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3PL Billing & Warehousing Solution

The Avantiico 3PL warehouse and billing automation software is built upon the robust Microsoft D365 ERP to extend its functionality to meet the specific needs of the 3PL industry. This powerful 3PL ISV solution eliminates manual data collection and organization, enabling you to automate and streamline your billing process and capture previously unrealized revenue streams. By unifying data and consolidating processes, Avantiico’s 3PL solution helps reduce costs and days outstanding, while increasing overall cash flow.  

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Avantiico's Partner Program

Whether you’re an SI seeking to enhance your offering with our 3PL and Multi-Company Financial Automation solutions, an ISV looking for a trusted collaborative partnership, or an SI with unique expertise, Avantiico is your dedicated ally in the Microsoft ecosystem. Join us on this journey of innovation, collaboration, and accelerated growth to unlock endless possibilities while exceeding client expectations.

Our clients reach their business goals

As trusted advisors implementing and building Microsoft solutions on Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Power Platform & Dynamics 365, we build and deliver business solutions in partnership with our clients, Microsoft, and technology partners. Avantiico solutions enable more than 100,000 daily Dynamics and Microsoft end-users worldwide deliver their products, services and value proposition.

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Accelerate Innovation
With Low Code

An increased demand for digital solutions paired with a shortage of technical skills in the workforce is pushing businesses like yours to adapt their IT development strategies. Low code solutions empower everyone in the organization to contribute to development processes. This removes the barrier of time to value and accelerates development costs and innovation throughout the organization. Microsoft offers a complete set of low code development tools that organizations can lead on to accelerate their journey to the cloud.

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Sales & Marketing

Today’s modern businesses need a 360-degree view and a comprehensive understanding of their sales life-cycle. Connected Sales and Marketing helps businesses automate, systemize and improvie the sales and marketing functions of their organizations, while selling to businesses (B2B) and consumers (B2C). Deepen relationships and get customers to a “yes” faster with the intelligent, full-funnel sales and marketing solution that unifies siloed data from across sales, marketing and operations to provide a full view of customers. Personalize selling with AI-powered insights, seamless collaboration and intuitive productivity tools. 

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Leverage AI & Microsoft CoPilot

With AI and Copilot enabling you to operationalize data, your company can now confidently make strategic predictive decisions. And with recent advancements in generative AI, Microsoft is now automating the monotonous tasks required to keep your ERP and CRM running effectively. Allowing your employees to focus on more meaningful work, leaving data entry, note-taking, and even content creation to AI.

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Avantiico is a Microsoft System Integrator (Implementor), Microsoft Software Development company (ISV) and Microsoft Business Application Solutions Partner with offices across Southern California and teams across North America. Avantiico supports clients and partners across the globe with unique Microsoft offerings for 3PL and Finance Automation.  Across five office locations Avantiico teams are supporting Microsoft end-users across Australia, North America and Europe 24/7/365. 

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