Dynamics AX 2009 to Dynamics 365

Planning your upgrade from AX2009 to Dynamics 365? With many new Dynamics 365 apps and a lot of technology changes, your Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 upgrade is different from earlier AX upgrades. With the Dynamics 365 product changes, how do you prepare for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 upgrade? 


365 upgrade scenarios and blog posts provided below include Dynamics upgrade AX 2009 options, AX upgrade tools as well as upgrade approaches. Book a complimentary Dynamics 365 upgrade assessment meeting. Understand your AX 2009 upgrade options with a free Dynamics AX2009 upgrade review.

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From AX2009 to Dynamics 365 cloud

Get the help your team needs with planning your Dynamics 365 migration and 365 upgrade. Learn from other Dynamics AX upgrades projects and understand D365 upgrade assessment tools. See examples of how your organization can do far more with Microsoft Dynamics 365.  

Plan your upgrade project in detail for your Dynamics 365 upgrade supported by Avantiico teams.

Dynamics AX 2009 migration options

Reimplement to Dynamics 365

A typical approach for the Dynamics 365 migration is a re-implementation. In this scenario your AX2009 to D365 upgrade is accelerated using Avantiico’s Dynamics 365 upgrade tools.  


Your current Dynamics AX 2009 application likely contains many old modifications. Most modifications are likely not needed in Dynamics 365 due many new standard features. It also likely your business has changed many business processes the past 10+ years. Perhaps you also struggle with managing unsupported 3rd party ISV solutions for Dynamics AX? For all these reasons a Dynamics re-implementation approach will often be the natural starting point.  


The AX2009 upgrade tools serve as a kick-starter. Without the tools existing Dynamics AX 2009 users have limited Microsoft upgrade tool support. Microsoft is offering Dynamics 365 code and data tools for upgrades from A) AX2012 R2 – Dynamics 365  B) AX2012 R3 – Dynamics 365. Avantiico’s 365 Cloud Upgrade Assessment helps your team avoid common and costly pitfalls.

Migrate to Dynamics 365

For Dynamics AX2009 Microsoft offers a partial data path with the Dynamics AX 2009 Data migration tool (DMT). The AX data tool helps migrate AX2009 data to Dynamics 365.


The Microsoft AX 2009 DMT tool helps you find and fill gaps between the AX 2009 table schemas and Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations.

Please note that the Dynamics AX 2009 DMT tools do not migrate AX 2009 ledger transactions or your customer/vendor transactions directly.


Migrating your data using the Microsoft tool-set is generally the recommended path if you have many customizations, master data, pending invoices etc. to bring forward into Dynamics 365.


In summary there are no out-of-the box 365 migration tool-set covering AX2009 code or all of your Dynamics AX2009 data. Contact Avantiico and get an expert evaluation. Learn how you may be able to leverage the Dynamics AX2009 data migration tool as a part of your Dynamics 365 Cloud Migration project. 

Double upgrade to Dynamics 365

In some and rare D365 upgrade scenarios it may be possible to consider a double Dynamics upgrade approach for Dynamics AX2009 – Microsoft Dynamics 365.

If your business needs your code and your data in their entirety, your organization could consider a double upgrade. First to Dynamics AX 2012 R3, then to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. This approach could give you a potentially more complete set of code and data.


Work with Avantiico’s cloud migration team and get an expert evaluation.

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