ERP Evaluation Process to Evaluate ERP Software & System

Are you starting an ERP system evaluation to find a new Accounting, Supply Chain, and Warehousing Management solution? Is your team evaluating ERP systems and better solutions for your Customer Service organization or applications for Sales teams?

Take advantage of Avantiico's ERP evaluation tool as a step-by-step ERP evaluation process for any ERP Software, CRM and general business solution evaluations. Build a plan and execute your business solution evaluation with proven tools from Microsoft.

Avantiico teams help your team experience and envision new ERP solutions across your entire business. See detailed Microsoft solution demos based on your exact business need. Evaluate your options based on real scenarios and get the proof with a business case.

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If you are ready for evaluating a new CRM or ERP solution, your team can follow the five-step solution evaluation model. The business value assessment model can be applied for all types of solutions and for comparing software vendors side by side or for exploring new solutions to your most important business pain-points. This model is crucial in the ERP evaluation and selection process, guiding organizations in selecting the right ERP system that meets their business requirements.
Use the solution evaluation model here if you want to compare Microsoft Dynamics vs SAP, Microsoft ERP vs Oracle ERP, Dynamics 365 HR vs Netsuite HR, SAP CRM vs Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales or for cloud capabilities, Microsoft Azure vs. Amazon. No matter where you are in your business application evaluation process or if you are preparing a Request-for-Proposal (RFP), the Avantiico evaluation process of ERP will provide a well-defined solution selection journey, focusing on cloud ERP solutions and helping you carefully evaluate ERP vendors to ensure a successful ERP implementation.
Most organizations experience a significant push for business system change coming from customers, partners, and competitors. This broader digital transformation happens across industries. A vision-driven business evaluation is a great opportunity for your entire organization to envision the opportunities and digital transformation potential. Including an existing ERP system assessment in this phase allows for a thorough ERP evaluation of how a new ERP system or modern ERP solutions can benefit from an ERP upgrade or replacement.
The five-step business solution evaluation model helps your team explore new systems and tangible Microsoft solutions leading to a tailored solution roadmap. A dedicated team of senior solution architects helps your team at every step, ensuring that the software selection process considers the specific ERP technology that best fits the organization’s needs among many ERP solutions available.
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Build Your Vision

Envisioning and Strategy development- Together, we’ll image and define what the future coud look like for your business.

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Short-List Solutions

The range of choice can be overwhelming. Avantiico works with you to compile a manageable short-list of potential solutions.

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Validate Business Value

Build a compelling case for chase by debriefing the business and technological impact using business value and solution assessments.

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Involve Your Team

Bring your organization’s vision to life through solution demonstrations, and immersive experiences your team can take part in.

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Achieve Your Vision

Avantiico will create an action plan that offers a roadmap for executing the solutions discussed and transforming your organization.

A Business Transformation Framework to help you answers these questions:

Build Your Vision

Avantiico will use design thinking to lead an envisioning workshop in an effort to envision what the future may hold for your business. We’ll include your organization’s business decision-makers, important stakeholders, and front-line workers to create a human-centered perspective of your organization’s pains, needs, and desires, ultimately searching for efficiency improvements for existing processes. This approach integrates the selection criteria for choosing an ERP system that delivers system functionality while being a good ERP fit for the business.

The Value of Envisioning Workshops

Start your journey with a strong foundation focused on solving high-value problems and defining a strategic vision. Avantiico facilitates focus workshops based on Design thinking to help define an innovative future state that is desirable, viable, and feasible. This will help your organization clearly define goals that will most benefit your business by balancing technology, stakeholder demands, and user acceptance of change. It’s a critical step in the ERP process, ensuring that the new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system aligns with the strategic vision.

Envisioning workshops allow businesses and workshop facilitators to explore the current state of the organization- digging deeper into the business strategy, assessing existing technical assets, and interviewing the key stakeholders of the business. With Avantiico’s help, you’ll define a future state of your business and prioritize the initiatives that matter most to your team. Together we will:

Sketch of new project

Short-list Relevant Solutions

Equipped with a strong future vision, Avantiico will map solutions from the full Microsoft ecosystem to support your organization’s strategic goals. From Dynamics ERP, Customer Relationship Management, Machine Learning, Virtual Agents, AI, and more, we understand that the range of technology choices can be overwhelming- Avantiico works with you to compile a manageable short-list of potential technology solutions which can be further analyzed to validate business value. This phase is about exploring ERP solutions come from various ERP providers and identifying the best ERP system that aligns with your strategic goals.

Validate Business Value

Avantiico uses the Design phase to build a compelling case for change by reviewing previously discussed business and technological impacts. During this phase, we will quantify the return on investment (ROI), as well as the benefits of making a move- reviewing facets like revenue growth, cost savings, as well as employee efficiencies. This phase allows your business to align technology investments to your most important business goals.

Outputs of the Business Value and Solution Assessments

Build confidence in technology options and choices by validating benefits through a detailed Business Value Assessment. Receive a comprehensive assessment of potential investments and benefits before committing to specific technologies.
During the Design phase, we’ll use two important workshops to create a blueprint for specific plans for change:

The Business Value Assessment (BVA) helps your organization link the business outcomes you want for your business with the previously discussed capabilities you want to prioritize. In a BVA, Avantiico will create a solution prioritization analysis, a timeline, a budgetary estimate, and a projection of the value of implemented scenarios over time. This will help you quantify the business value of the proposed solution.

The solution assessment brings your most important stakeholders together to review current objectives in the business, processes, and existing technology. It helps you summarize your plan to achieve a digital transformation while tackling specific goals, using the tailored roadmap blueprint that Avantiico helps you put together.

Following the above assessments, Avantiico will evaluate submitted documents, data and findings from the workshops to deliver you an all-encompassing presentation. You can expect the following outcome:

Involve Your Team

The Empower phase of this framework includes the generation of a solution demonstration. This demonstration can then be used by stakeholders to share their vision with the rest of their organization, ultimately aligning key influencers and important decision-makers. Avantiico will help you align tailored demo content and resources with their relevant product capabilities to showcase new business processes, as discussed in the envisioning workshop.

Achieve Your Vision

The Achieve phase of the framework helps you transition from envisioning to executing. Avantiico will offer a customized action plan blueprint that will aid you in actionizing the proposed solutions and processes in an effort to transform your business. To do this, Avantiico uses a comprehensive Transformation Plan that includes the Observation Model, the Business Value and Solution Assessments, and the Solution Demo. We will also help review advocacy planning and support adoption through client-success workshops.

Understanding the Value of Transformation Plans

Armed with a clear vision, validated benefits, and the confidence of seeing solutions in action, move your vision to action with an Avantiico Transformation Plan- a customized roadmap to transform your validated vision into an action plan.
A Transformation Plan is essentially a summary of the workshops and assessments completed through the above framework. It will include an executive overview of findings and bring together a proposal with actionable steps your business can take in its digital transformation. The Transformation Plan will help:

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