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Roadmapping & Strategic Consulting

Avantiico’s Roadmapping & Strategic Consulting services help you maximize your organization’s Dynamics AX/365 investments by taking advantage of the support shelf-life of the Dynamics suite while understanding what it means a few years down the road for your people, processes and technology. 

Technology evolves at a rapid pace and the need to follow suite is a critical part of any successful organization. However, keeping a pulse on the volume of information available quickly becomes a huge productivity loss and bares little insight into actionable next steps or decisions. We under stand this dilemma and how it affects organizations that have heavily invested in their ERP and CRM solutions from a time, resources and budget point of view. 

Roadmapping Services

Avantiico’s Roadmapping Services provide guidance to your organization with topics like infrastructure management, hosting scenarios, support plans, licensing best-practices, and how to best capitalize on your current investments while taking advantage of the latest and most efficient technology that is fast approaching. 

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Strategic Consulting

Looking for an ERP or CRM system solution for your business can be an overwhelming and daunting task. We understand this pain point and as a result we have developed a discovery framework to piece together an accurate and benefit focused solution for your organization. Our approach is geared towards your current business processes, organizational initiatives and how we can leverage digital transformation to automate and increase revenue across your enterprise. Our Strategic Consulting Team of ERP experts will spend time understanding how the various silos of your organization work as a static unit and how the work flows between different departments. Through this process, we will be able to analyze areas for improvement and deploy solutions that will benefit your business and be scalable in the long term. 

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