Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI

Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI helps people across your organization discover and deliver predictive insights, ultimately helping you make informed decisions, and improve customer experiences leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. 

The AI Race Has Already Begun

Why is AI and Microsoft AI solutions so relevant today? It’s not because it has not been relevant until now; it’s because it has not been possible and easily accessible. Tasks such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation all have one thing in common: they require large amounts of computational power. 

Up until now most companies could not afford the needed computational power or hire the right staff to create and implement artificial intelligence solutions for their business. With Microsoft AI solutions and pre-build offerings you now can start building AI solutions for your business and start your AI journey.

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Dynamics 365 and AI for your business

AI for Sales

Win new customers and drive a proactive sales processes through intelligent AI based insights. AI driven analytics help you build relationships and engage more efficient and personalized thought the entire sales process. AI for Sales gives you a competitive edge.

Customer Service AI

The usage of Machine Learning and AI helps resolve support issues through visual assistance bots, at any time. Over the next years bots will be more sophisticated and capable of solving more complex manufacturing and customer cases.

Cyber Security

Artificial intelligence and cyber security goes hand in hand. AI can analyze huge amount of data in no time, diagnose the risks involved, identify newer malware and speed up response time so you business stay secure, updated and compliant. AI protects your business.

Process Optimization

Streamline your entire supply chain, keep your machines running and automate your manufacturing process to gain a competitive edge. AI's process optimization capabilities bring your business into the future with intelligent insight and recommendations.

Cognitive Services

Build new applications with limited coding and grasp the powerful algorithms to turn visions into actions. Convert spoken audio into text, solve complex tasks through mapped data, and enhance security with face recognitions API's.

Robot Usage

The use of robots in manufacturing and warehousing has been very expensive and therefore unrealistic to consider. Now, less costly solutions have emerged that can help increase productivity, increase margins and perform tasks that may be hard or risky for humans.

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