Multi-Company Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

The powerful solution that solves all your multi-entity’s finance automation needs

Automate and simplify the complex accounting tasks across your company’s legal entities with Avantiico’s Multi-Company Solution, built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. 

Multi-Company Solution is an accounting software designed for multi-entity organizations that have large scale finance automation needs when mergers, acquisitions, and growth regularly involve the creation and management of many legal entities. Avantiico’s Multi-Company Solution automates all the manual and time-consuming accounting tasks including creating new legal entities, data migration, journal posting, and data validation, saving your finance team thousands of hours and eliminating human errors 

Whether you have 5, 25, or 500+ legal entities within your company, the Multi-Company Solution will streamline your accounting team’s day-to-day tasks, so they can focus on valuable analytical work.  

Speed up month-end closing, provide accurate real-time financial reporting, and optimize productivity for your accounting team with Avantiico’s Multi-Company Solution. 

4 Productivity Benefits of Multi-Company Solution

Multi-Company Automation, Expedited multi-company integration, multi-company financial journals, rapid creation of new legal entities, multi-company inquiries and reporting

Streamline and expedite data migration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

With the Data Migration Accelerator, your accounting team no longer needs to worry about the tiresome and lengthy process of importing data. The data migration software completely replaces the standard framework of loading each legal entity’s data one-by-one and allows accounting teams to batch import all your company’s financial data with ease. 

Not only does the solution significantly reduce the number of imports, time, and effort for your finance team, but it also provides users with clear and easy to understand error messages. Any auto-detected errors in the Excel file uploads will give a clear actionable message so time isn’t wasted identifying errors.  


Using DMA, we’ve saved one of our customers 320 hours of data migration work over the course of their implementation to D365. 

Save your team’s valuable time and resources spent on importing data with Avantiico’s Data Migration Accelerator. 

D365 for Multi Company Solution

Speed up month-end close and eliminate errors by automating journal posting and creating new legal entities

Accountants spend a minimum of 8 hours and up to 16 hours creating the base of a new legal entity and all its general ledgers. This manual process is lengthy because of the need to ensure the base company shares data across other the other legal entities including chart of accounts, account structures, and much more. Avantiico’s Multi-Company Solution helps accounting teams rapidly create unlimited new legal entities by automating the entire process with an easy-to-use and user-friendly experience.

Using the Excel import template, the required setups are quickly populated for review all in one place, resulting in significant time and cost savings every year.


Finance teams also spend numerous hours validating and posting journals for large multi-company organizations, since they’re only able to process journals from one legal entity at a time. With MCS and its built-in data validation, your team can validate and post journals across 5, 25, or 500 legal entities from a single Dynamics 365 journal eliminating manual work and more importantly, human errors. 

Centralize, report, and secure your legal entities’ financial reports – all in one place

Included in the powerful suite of features, Multi-Company Solution consolidates reporting and inquiring across all legal entities into a single “master” activity. Your accounting team no longer needs to run individual reports or inquiries such as 1099 tax reports within each entity. Finance teams can utilize our solution to manage inquiries and reports for any number of legal entities simultaneously. 


Plus, the solution provides granular access controls, ensuring only authorized users can access sensitive financial data.  


With MCS, you can be rest assured your multi-entity accounting processes are simplified, secure, and accurate. 

Eliminate time-consuming manual imports and data mapping fixes

MCS also fixes all the complexities of integrating data from your third-party applications such as payroll, expenses, EDI, and banking. Our solution seamlessly integrates data from your accounting team’s third-party tools, so they don’t have to worry about manually importing files or fixing data mapping inconsistencies.

Multi-Company Automation & Solution Benefits

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