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Rewarding Microsoft Technology Careers

Joining Avantiico and the Microsoft Gold Partner community comes with world class learning opportunities and benefits for you and your family. Ongoing training investments backed by Microsoft Gold Partner support provides unlimited opportunities for you to add future proof skills, certifications and competencies across Microsoft Azure, AI, Microsoft business applications and digital transformation.


Work with brand name clients transforming their business in partnership with Avantiico teams and Microsoft. Put your fingerprints on Microsoft solutions fueling the growth and transformation for diverse clients.


Passionate about delivering your best and dreaming of accelerating your Microsoft Technology Career? Avantiico US is a top ranked Great Place To Work and committed to helping you achieve your career and personal goals.


Less travel equals better quality of life. Our average travel time for Microsoft consultants is 25% while the industry standard is around 75%.

Your Avantiico mentors give you access to over 500+ years of collective Microsoft Dynamics 365 experience. Accelerate your learning by working with the best in the Microsoft Partner Channel

Uncapped monthly and quarterly goals for all consulting roles. Meeting or exceeding these goals, will earn you a financial bonus paid out monthly or quarterly.


We’ll be your biggest supporters. From professional and personal goals to Microsoft Certifications, our mentors will work closely to help you succeed.

Realize the benefits that come with working from home. Receive support and training to ensure your at-home setup and work strategy support your continued success.

Your comprehensive health and wellness benefits include medical PPO/HMO, dental, vision, short & long term disability insurance, accidental death and dismemberment, and life insurance plans with a wide range of choices for you and your dependents.

Work-life balance is essential to long-term sustainability in any career. Learn more about the generous PTO plan offered by Avantiico, and why it is our mission to support time off for all employees.

Benefit and reach retirement financial goals with our 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan. You may make pre-tax elective deferrals or Roth elective deferrals. The Company matches 100% on the first 3% and an additional 50% on the next 2% of your eligible earnings you defer. You are fully vested immediately with no waiting period.

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How We Hire

Avantiico aims to be as transparent as possible in its hiring process. Browse our How We Hire landing page to understand what you can expect during the interview process with Avantiico. 


The Avantiico team is continuously hiring for various roles and we are looking for experts and talents from all backgrounds. Our open positions range from senior, experienced Microsoft architects to junior marketing roles. If you are new to Microsoft technology or have entry level experience we offer dedicated academy roles. Avantiico is a remote organization and any position that does not require in-person training can be done remotely while not on-site for customer work.


People First

Like Microsoft, we believe that people and the innovation they drive are every company’s most important asset. We are passionate about customer success and strive to be the most value-centric Microsoft Partner.


Diversity and inclusion are key drivers in our growing business. Avantiico was founded in 2006 with a culture that searches to embrace openness. We work hard to create a culture where everyone feels at home. 

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Our Purpose & DNA

Since the first cornerstones of Avantiico launched in 2006 as AXMentor in Europe, we have been on a mission to build an exceptional Microsoft Partner organization serving ambitious brands. Our goal is to embark on long-term partnerships to ensure our clients get the value they deserve, along with faster, more efficient services. 

This core concept of a Microsoft Dynamics Mentor or trusted advisor came from seeing how many clients struggled getting the right value from Microsoft ERP and CRM investments.


The customer centric DNA continues today with the Avantiico mission “To unlock our customers’ full potential and to better their business.” Avantiico clients are moving to the Microsoft Cloud, leveraging AI, Dynamics 365 apps and much more.


The need for Microsoft technology mentors advising client teams throughout the journey is still core to Avantiico thinking.  

Innovation is a core component of the Avantiico DNA and allows us to remain competitive and ahead of the market. We foster innovation and value creation by challenging our clients to think outside of the box, and question the status quo to build future-ready solutions.


Transparency is also a critical pillar of Avantiico DNA. Our team strives to uphold this principle through clear communication during all client engagements. Through this we are able to further empower your team, creating an atmosphere of collaborative innovation. 

Meet Proven Microsoft Partner Implementers

Caroline Mayou

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement & Power Platform Consultant

Shoeb Memon

Dynamics 365 Sales Technical Consultant

Paige Straky

Marketing Content Specialist

Valerie Ladd

Director of Project Management

Tatiana Subbotin

Microsoft Dynamics AX & 365 Senior Solution Expert

Chris Barbera

Microsoft Dynamics AX & 365 Senior Project Manager

Michael Oakes

Microsoft Dynamics AX & 365 Senior Technical Architect

Brandon Nash

Microsoft Dynamics AX & 365 Finance and Business Consultant

Morten Logstrup

Director of Sales

What We Offer You

At Avantiico, we are passionate about challenging your professional aspirations, accelerating your growth, and feeling the satisfaction of delivering great impact. Our offer is for you to become part of a fast-growing company with interesting projects for great brands, as well as great learning opportunities.


Your co-workers are among the best and most proven Microsoft minds in the industry – and our client list of globally known brands is a testament to that.

We try hard to be the company where our team of mentors, heroes and innovators feel at home. Our starting point is that all professionals share a healthy sense of responsibility to do the right thing which helps co-workers and customers. You will be surrounded by ambitious high-performers who are passionate about their Microsoft Careers and customer solutions. We believe that people thrive on trust and the freedom to make a difference. In turn, it has become our mission to foster an empowering environment wherever and whenever we can.

Microsoft requirements and the Avantiico Academy offers a constant stream of opportunities to develop, test and apply new skills.

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Working remotely at Avantiico

Our Remote Culture

Avantiico is passionate about helping employees, contractors and clients to achieve their very best. For this reason, we are dedicated to creating an enriching remote culture that benefits all. This is achieved through integrated productivity tools, enhanced virtual communications, and strong internal and external connections.


Avantiico strives to promote innovation and innovated thinking through a variety of company collaborative opportunities. We believe in global connections and enabling a flexible lifestyle for our employees. Just as it is our mission to empower our clients, it is also our mission to empower our employees. This includes providing a strong remote work culture that aligns with current and real-world expectations, and allows you to establish a work environment that you thrive best in.

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