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Our Mission & Vision

When the first cornerstones of Avantiico launched in 2006 as AXMentor in Europe, the mission was to build an exceptional Microsoft Dynamics AX partner organization. We recognized that customers deserved greater and faster value creation from their Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 implementations and better long-term partnerships. The core concept of a mentor or trusted advisor came from seeing how many customers struggled to actualize the full value of their ERP investments. With a consulting partner driven by quality, such as Avantiico, customers can achieve their optimization goals. Avantiico constantly thrives to be better for our customers, partners, and employees because we believe long-term relationships benefit everyone in the ecosystem.
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Finally Monday

If you wake up on Monday morning with a smile on your face, then you know you’re in the right place. We are passionate about our work and take pride in the Microsoft solutions we build. Our clients, partners and team members desire to resolve complex business challenges and drive real change for the better. Our goal is to continuously build a culture fueled by a passion for efficiency and quality.

Innovation, Transparency & Trust

Innovation is Avantiico DNA and allows us to remain competitive and ahead of the market. We foster innovation and value creation by challenging our clients and each other to think outside of the box, questioning the status quo to build future ready solutions.

Transparency and Trust are the two critical pillars of Avantiico DNA and all internal and external operations. By upholding these principles in all our team, employee-to-employee and employee-to-customer interactions, we create an atmosphere of collaborative innovation – and ability to win brand name clients and recognition.

Avantiico Values

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Our values align to our mission to unlock our customer’s competitive advantages and continuously better their business with Microsoft technology.

They support our culture and serve as a declaration of how we treat each other, our customers and our Microsoft partners.

The way we think, make decisions and more broadly interact as a company is shaped by ten core values. 

We believe in a constant state of skill development. Good, valuable
customer outcomes with the Avantiico brand is first and foremost
based on deep knowledge of each of our domains.

We deliver value and do more for our clients by working as a team.
Collaboration and excellent communication enable us to deliver
projects and solutions.

We build critical business solutions for our clients and work on
million-dollar projects, so precision is essential to everything we do.
By minimizing error, we improve customer satisfaction and gain

We value versatile mindsets. Being multi-skilled will increase your value, and your value-creation. 

We value an honest, direct and straight-forward work environment internally and with our clients and partners. Teamwork, Customer Value Creation and knowledge-sharing all rely on a transparent mindset. 

We develop and deliver solutions with great professional pride. We care about the outcome for our customers, team members, and partners. We consider our work to be an extension and expression of who we are. 

We are trusted advisors in our field. Our knowledge and experience is proven and adds value to our business. 

We are resourceful and adaptable. Our knowledge and experience combined with our flexibility allow us to adapt quickly and effectively. 

We have trust-based relationships with our customers and partners. Building on industry insights, experience and knowledge, we propose new solutions and approaches that deliver more value. 

We work together so we can work smarter. Our teams and customers work towards a similar purpose; combining our knowledge to find the best solution possible.

Avantiico's Value Proposition

At 20,000 feet, it is the powerful capabilities of Microsoft solutions combined with the experience of Avantiico’s trusted advisors that empower our customers to do more and to achieve their business and organizational goals. 

Another way of looking at it is that by freeing up valuable time and resources using our Avantiico solutions and Microsoft technology, customers can focus on what really matters – their core business. Because of the many capabilities of an ERP solution, our core value proposition is NOT about one specific outcome such as being able to pick, pack and ship faster. On a project by project basis we look at how to create more value for our customers and partners -long and short-term value creation. Finally, a very common misconception is to focus on cost only. An Avantiico motto: Cost can never be the problem but lack of clear value is.

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