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Many teams and executives today manage their businesses with manual Excel spreadsheets and paper reports distributed via email. Though these tools can be useful when managing a business reactively, it removes the ability for end-to-end reporting and creates serious inefficiencies.

In today’s unpredictable business environments, the ability to understand what’s happening in the moment and predict likely future outcomes using all data is more valuable than ever to all types of businesses and organizations. Additionally, the ability to make confident decisions based on that understanding is essential for helping your business adapt and thrive- even as circumstances continue to change rapidly. Having a strong grasp on analytics can strengthen your organization’s resilience and help you make informed decisions quickly, share insights across your business, and generate actionable predictions.
By leveraging the power of data coming from business applications, like ERP, CRM and more, new Microsoft data insights tools can help you achieve deep insights into trends, predictions and management by exception, proactively. If you are looking to move your company away from a reactive state and drive stronger reporting, Avantiico can help evaluate your business intelligence requirements. Avantiico can help your organization implement data security, unify data silos, and provide real-time analytics throughout your organization.
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Downfalls of Decentralized Data

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Does your organization have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system working beside an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system? Or perhaps a Point of Sales (POS) system? Perhaps you data sitting in a Warehousing System? Regardless of the systems your organization may be running, all of the information is coming from different data sources. Not only does this make it difficult to generate accurate analytics, but it also hinders your ability to obtain a clear and concise view of your customer. Microsoft’s data insight tools allow you to gain relevant information on your business’s operations, performance and end-customers.

Make Informed Decisions Quickly With Data

Generate actionable insights from your data in an instant.

Start by using the same analytics system for all of your data across both data warehouses and big data analytics systems.

Make insights accessible by applying machine learning models to your intelligent apps.
Implement a unified experience for developing end-to-end analytics solutions.
Access advanced security and privacy features to protect your data.
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Unify My Organization’s Data

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Businesses all over the world are seeing an exponential increase in data coming from a multitude of sources including ERP and CRM systems to social media, sales channels, warehousing solutions, factory sensor data, commerce data, partner managed platforms and more. These many sources of data combined drive a huge volume of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Most organizations struggle making sense of the data which leaves them failing to understand how to best use their data investments. The answer is to combine these disparate data sources onto a single platform, where employees have access to accelerate insights into their daily decisions.
Corporate success brings mergers and acquisitions, enhanced products, feedback from customers, and global expansion- all driving data streams, reposititories, and ultimately, silos. Maximizing your investment in business intelligence will help you drive down costs, create business value, and accelerate time-to-insight to better understand your operations and customers as you navigate the new realities of business. Unifying your data onto a single cloud-based platform will improve data access and analytics, and provide workers with real-time access to self-service data analytics, empowering them to make data-driven decisions.

Make Business Data and Insights More Accessible

Are your employees fully empowered to base their decisions on all relevant and corporate-wide data? Making data analytics available to employees requires both access and analysis. A single repository, secured by account-based permissions, enables and accelerates data access. Once enabled, users can query business data. However, to perform comprehensive data analysis, they still need to perform data analysis that will drive successful corporate decisions throughout the organizational structure.
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Does your company keep its data in one of two mediums: siloed employees using Power BI, or trained data professionals with limited cycles? Regardless of the data maturity of your business, providing broader access and analysis tools increases data and improves reporting granularity. With Synapse Analytics and Power BI, organizations can provide powerful, customizable, self-service data analytics to their staff.

Provide Access to Data Where Your Team Works - Microsoft Teams

The true hurdle in realizing value from initiatives like these is often not in buying the software, configuring it, or even having your analytics teams produce the output. Rather, it’s getting the relevant users to engage with the content and put it to good use. It is for this reason that Microsoft has gone to great lengths to ensure Power BI can be easily integrated with Microsoft Teams.
Integration with Teams allows you to pull all the power and clarity offered by Power BI into a familiar interface that your team is constantly using today. Gone are the days when they had to install a new piece of software or log in to a special portal to access content. Now they can view dashboards and reports, share a specific view to start a conversation, set up Power BI-related notifications, and many more collaborative activities directly from Teams.
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Reduce Costs Using Data Analysis

Organizations with many data sources and growing volumes of data know that successful use of analytics are driving corporate success. So an important question becomes: how can we enable all departments and employees to make better decisions, save money and drive revenue?
Today, 70% of companies believe their data is not used to its fullest extent. In an era of remote work, cost efficiency should be a main priority. There is no better time to aggregate your business’s data and stay prepared for an ever-changing market. Successful analytics are driving corporate success. Enabling employees to make empirical analysis saves money and drives revenue. Delivering company wide analytics in Azure is up to 14 times faster and costs 94% less than other cloud provides, according to Microsoft. Azure eliminates the need for users to wait on a formal process to product reports. How can your employees get more from corporate data? Regardless of your current position, the opportunities are there to provide staff with the tools to help them make better decisions for your business. According to a GigaOm report, Azure Synapse Analytics outperforms in most benchmarks for query speed and consistently demonstrates better price performance than Google BigQuery, Amazon RedShift, and Snowflake Standard.

Generate Proactive Insights

Avantiico helps you take advantage of key insights and forecasts to help your business anticipate customer needs.
If you’re looking to integrate analytics across your systems and tools, Avantiico can help unify data silos and build a single end-to-end analytics platform to support all of your business activities. Deliver actionable results, recommendations and insights by unifying self-service, BI and enterprise reporting. Organizations often have trouble providing clear and regular reporting to their leadership teams. Avantiico can help generate reports that make it easier for people in your organization to understand and work directly with your data. Use your data to build a comprehensive view of customers and begin to tailor interactions at scale using contextual insights.
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