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Culture & Change Management

Is your board of directors made up of digital thinkers and is your organization’s culture ready to embrace new modern technology? Digital transformation is a complex process that changes how your enterprise company works and which go-to-market strategy you implement. It creates long-term opportunities and commitment for your business and will bring you into a digital age where digital thinking and readiness is necessary for you to succeed. 

How Avantiico Helps

Avantiico’s team of experts offer a detailed assessment of your C-Levels’ and organization’s overall digital readiness. Most ERP implementations fail because the organization is not ready to change their behavior or work processes. We help you address and highlight critical cultural and behavioral elements that could potentially hinder your long-term goals. 

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How Change Is Implemented

Changed Management covers all types of processes implemented to prepare and support organizational change. These range from methodologies applies to resources, business processes, budget allocations and other operational aspects of a project. Change Management is the Project Management but with the goal of managing change during a project. Meaning, a scope of the changes are formally introduced and approved before beginning. The goal here is to prepare the organization/project team members for the need for change when deploying the new ERP system. This drives the organizational success and organic adoption of the project.

What to Expect

The Change Management service is an opportunity for the organization’s team members to both discuss the current business process and to highlight strengths and weaknesses. Avantiico recommends that team members gather a list of process improvement requests and then with Avantiico’s expertise identifying business areas with the potential of having the highest processes improvements. In some cases, hopefully satistying the organizations business requirements is as simple as modifying current processes to work in conjunction with standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 functionality. 

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Our Change Management Philosophy

Most importantly, change is an opportunity for an organization to retire potentially unnecessary business processes, unnecessary customizations, and to reduce overall technology maintenance overhead. Avantiico’s Change Management philosophy is all about letting your organization have a 360 degree view of Microsoft Dynamics 365 business processes and determining any gap-fit information. 

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Discover how Avantiico helps you improve business processes, provide customers with a seamless experience and transform the way you do business.