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If you are like the typical business, you operate a blend of ERP, CRM and Human Resource systems from a host of software vendors. Over time you have signed multiple licensing agreements and subscriptions across your business and locations. How do you know what your business needs and which Microsoft licensing offers you should consider today? 


The Avantiico Microsoft Cloud team helps your team create a full overview of your current licenses. Your team gets detailed insights on relevant Microsoft software and subscriptions aligning you with your short and long-term needs. With full  knowledge of your licensing, you can right size your agreements and avoid unnecessary costs for under-utilized solutions.


Your business users likely utilize portions of different applications every day, and some are signing up for Microsoft 365 trials to explore new tools. Perhaps your business is already using solutions like Microsoft Teams or Microsoft 365 and you’re ready to move on to world-class analytics, a new Finance and Supply Chain Management solution, or a new CRM?


Contact your Microsoft solution experts below to understand more about Microsoft solutions, user types, volume licensing offerings for Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Avantiico teams help your team with know-how about how you get started with Microsoft 365 productivity tools such as Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Microsoft Security Management etc. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX Licensing

From on-premise Microsoft Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 Finance and 365 Supply Chain, Microsoft Dynamics licensing has changed significantly.


With Dynamics 365 the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) apps and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) apps are redesigned into new purpose-built applications. The redesign has added tons of high value features and moved application users between the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps. This new Dynamics 365 app architecture could move some of your existing Dynamics AX users into Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM apps as part of the Dynamics 365 migration project. Dynamics 365 therefore changes how to license your users, the licensing costs users and licensing pricing drives application design decisions for existing Microsoft Dynamics AX users migrating to Dynamics 365. 


Do you understand the Microsoft licensing rules and how your new Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution will be licensed once you are in the Microsoft Cloud? Do you know how your Dynamics AX upgrade impacts your existing Microsoft license, what to do with your Dynamics AX renewal and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 license costs per user?  


Get the help your team needs evaluating your current Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 licensing usage. The Avantiico Dynamics 365 Licensing team is your designated Microsoft experts. We assist your team through all Microsoft licensing topics and decisions forming part of your Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365. With the Microsoft Cloud the 360 degree licensing also covers Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure and Power Platform app licensing.

Dynamics AX Licensing

Enterprise Tools

- Dynamics AX 4.0 or earlier
-Dynamics AX 2009
- Dynamics AX 2012
- Dynamics AX2012 R3
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Dynamics 365 & Cloud

Cloud Services

- Microsoft Dynamics 365 unified CRM and ERP apps -Microsoft Azure & Azure SQL Database
- Power BI, Power Apps and Microsoft Flow
- Storage
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Compliance & Savings

Compliance & Audit

Do you know how your system is being used and by whom? Can you adjust your current subscriptions or take advantages of special Microsoft offerings?
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AX Licenses & D365 Upgrade Deals

Upgrade Paths

Are you a Microsoft Dynamics AX user looking for an Upgrade path to Microsoft Dynamics 365? Need clear advise about how your Dynamics AX license ERP investment can transition forward to Microsoft Dynamics 365. 
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Starting with Dynamics 365

Get Started With Dynamics 365

New to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and looking to get started? Get help calculating the Microsoft Dynamics subscription cost and develop your technology roadmap with Avantiico training for your departments and key roles.
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Compliance & Cost savings

Am I operating within my original Microsoft Dynamics AX license contract?

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and Dynamics 365 end-users are subject to audit by Microsoft at renewal to ensure they are using the software within the scope of their purchase. If your company fails a licensing audit you are liable for not only purchasing the net-new licenses needed and penalties, but also to cover all costs incurred by Microsoft in the audit process.


The Avantiico Dynamics AX2012 Licensing Compliance Self-Assessment will walk you through the steps necessary for determining your risk of a license infraction and reveal:

  • The number and type of AX2012 licenses you are using
    o Enterprise User CAL
    o Functional User CAL
    o Additional User CAL
    o Device CAL
  • How to compare current use verse purchased use
  • Guidance on remediation activities
  • Available resources to help you stay on track going forward
  • Current cloud offerings and rates

How is my Microsoft Dynamics AX or Dynamics 365 being used and by whom?

Understanding your Microsoft Dynamics AX and 365 license composition provides deep insight into how your Dynamics software is being utilized. This information is fundamental for providing transparent reporting on best practices adherence, lock-step protocol, and overall best in class configuration management. 

A quick license review can shed light on:

Microsoft License Upgrade Paths

How do Microsoft Dynamics licenses convert from concurrent to named users?

As a current Microsoft Dynamics AX customer your investment in Microsoft licenses is recognized perpetually via entitlements to the latest and greatest Microsoft technology*.

Through Microsoft Dynamics AX license conversion and substantial discounts your organization is eligible to save substantial costs on upgrading. Avantiico’s Microsoft Dynamics Licensing Advisors can provide knowledge and insight on:

  • The optimal way to use Microsoft Dynamics license conversion methods during your Dynamics 365 upgrade or re-implementation
  • Provide details on the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 license pricing, promotions, and license discounts 
  • Explain how Microsoft Dynamics AX and Customer Engagement Security Roles translate to Microsoft Dynamics 365 license types
  • How to upgrade from Dynamics AX 2009 to Dynamics 365 for Operations
  • How to migrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online or On Premises licenses to the cloud
  • And much more

For additional information about Microsoft licensing and 365 upgrades, check out 3 related Microsoft Dynamics licensing blogs and licensing ressources:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation of intelligent business applications that enable organizations to grow, evolve, and transform, faster.

The Microsoft applications unify Customer Relationship Management (CRM) now Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement and ERP capabilities by delivering new purpose-built applications that work seamlessly together to help manage specific business functions, provide real-time data (PowerBI) and allow you to make smarter decisions, faster.

Purpose Built

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is subscription based so you can scale at your speed, with the applications you need


Speed up your productivity with familiar tools in the context of your business processes


Built in intelligence and AI to proactively guide your company to optimal outcomes


Growth, evolve and transform your products and business with a modern, extensible platform

Dynamics AX upgrade and ISV licensing

Many existing Dynamics AX users have 3rd party add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics purchased perhaps 5-10 years ago. Some of your Independent Software Vendor (ISV) solutions may live on as Dynamics 365 solutions other ISV solutions have become obsolete dye to Microsoft Dynamics 365 features. As part of your Dynamics 365 upgrade planning and licensing review, ISV solutions should also be evaluated. Avantiico’s Microsoft Licensing services and team helps build the 360 degree view on all required licensing. As your Micrsoft licensing advisor or Digital Partner of Record, Avantiico is committed to providing you with tailored guidance about Microsoft Dynamics 365 roadmap and aligning ISV solution licensing with your business needs. 

Microsoft AX to Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM included in Avantiico's microsoft licensing services

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