The Microsoft Partner-to-Partner (P2P) Program Opportunity

Avantiico is always looking for opportunities to collaborate with other partners with unique ISV offerings and service skillsets. Creating partnerships helps businesses scale. The Microsoft Partner Network reaches its full potential when ISV partners, solution aggregators, direct and indirect partners bundle their individual competitive advantages to meet the needs of customers. Specialization within the partner network allows individual partners to dedicate their time into developing the solutions and ideas they are most passionate about. Avantiico specializes in consulting for most Microsoft solutions, with particular strength in ERP and CRM. In addition to services, Avantiico is a trusted resource for support and Microsoft software licensing

The P2P Value Chain

P2P Value Chain

Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partners

Modern Workplace Partners and solution integrators, such as Avantiico, can be of value to ISV partners.


Our customers demand the highest quality solutions to work alongside their Microsoft enterprise software and we are always interested in working with innovators that can help us build the best product packages. Our sales, marketing, and implementation expertise can help you, as a solution provider, focus on your Dynamics 365 or Microsoft applications, while we supply opportunities and see them through implementation.


ISV partners specialize in the development of practical, efficiency-driving tools that many businesses demand. However, with customers demanding end-to-end solutions, including customer service and implementations, many ISV solution providers have difficulty maximizing their sales potential. This can be due to less of a focus on customer-facing avenues, including marketing, or due to questions over product compatibility for complex integrations. Avantiico can help your business reach customers that it could not before.

If you are an ISV partner currently engaged in the North American market, reach out to us to become a partner

Current Avantiico ISV Partners


Helping businesses automate, analyze and visualize data


The Accounts Payable Automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AX.


Cloud inventory solutions and mobile-first supply chain Apps.


The only platform combining CMS, PIM, E-commerce and Marketing.

SK Global Software

Banking and treasury automation for Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX.


Provide comprehensive and flexible CPQ solutions to Dynamics AX & 365.


Integrated EDI solution for Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain


Tax automation technology experts


Leading automated tax compliance software specialists.

Service Partners

Avantiico is a leading partner in the areas of Dynamics ERP and CRM. We are constantly evaluating relevant partnerships across the rapidly growing Microsoft product suite.


Due to the size of the Microsoft product ecosystem and pace of innovation, specialization is key for businesses to produce the best quality of services. Partners supply their expertise in certain Microsoft product areas to other partners to help each other create the best experience and most comprehensive services for all customers. Small partners, in particular, have a difficult time building the resources in-house for sufficient knowledge of every Microsoft product SKU. Avantiico’s well-rounded team of Microsoft product experts can be a valuable resource for partners that are looking to expand their service offerings into new areas of the product ecosystem.


Avantiico works with service partners to provide the best solutions when we need supplemental resources for a project. We also refer projects to other partners that may be better suited to handle a client’s needs. This can be due to their software preferences or size of company. Contact us if you are interested in a service partnership with Avantiico.

Current Avantiico Service Partners

Numa Networks

Managed IT, cloud computing, and customized services.

Deep expertise in audit, security, and compliance for Dynamics 365 and AX.

Microsoft Dynamics AX & 365 Trade Revenue Management specialists.

Licensing with Avantiico

Avantiico Support

As a direct Microsoft licensing partner, Avantiico can offer partners Microsoft product licenses at better than competitive rates. 


Our licensing clients continue to choose Avantiico as their supplier because of our ability to provide them with guidance on products, spend time with them to determine the subscriptions that best meet their needs, and our implementation experience. Businesses are moving away from large providers for licensing because of the lack of individualized assistance and the superior pricing that direct partners can offer.


Reach out to us for Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 licensing. 

Another benefit of a partnership with Avantiico is access to our support services. Avantiico can support your clients in Microsoft areas your business does not have the necessary expertise. For example, a Microsoft 365 partner that has a client that needs assistance with their Dynamics 365 implementation can refer their client to Avantiico for support and potentially earn a commission. 


At Avantiico we realize most clients need additional help after implementation. We can be a resource for businesses running Microsoft software across the product ecosystem. 

Where Does Your Business Fit in the P2P Model?

Microsoft P2P Program Model

Providing customers with the best possible software, integration experience, and service is always in the best interest of Microsoft partners. Building customer loyalty is the intention of the P2P program. In summation, the P2P program creates a scenario where both partners and customers win. Avantiico is interested in working with partners already actively engaged with the North American market.

Boxes in a 3PL warehouse

Avantiico as an ISV Partner: 3PL Warehouse and Billing for Dynamics 365

Avantiico is not purely a service partner; we also offer original solutions that extend the framework of Dynamics 365, including our 3PL Warehouse and Billing Solution.


While Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is a comprehensive ERP solution with a variety of existing ISV options, Avantiico and our clients determined some gaps to address that are essential to the 3PL industry. The Avantiico 3PL solution addresses the need for setting up unique customer contract charges based on a variety of storage, shipping, and transaction factors. Avantiico has introduced new features unique to businesses that do not own the inventory inside of their warehouses.


The 3PL Billing Engine component of the solution has the ability to handle billions of dollars worth of inventory and millions of sales order lines weekly, automating many billing functions saving countless hours of work. The solution strives to build the ideal cloud solution for 3PL businesses. To request a demo, visit our product page.


To contact us through AppSource, visit our profile.

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If you are a North American Microsoft partner with unique Microsoft product knowledge, skillsets, or software offerings, reach out to Avantiico to discuss opportunities.


Additionally, if you are interested in our original solutions, please contact us to learn more about how they can assist you and your customers.

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