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Your Innovative ISV Partner in the Microsoft Ecosystem

Partnering with Avantiico as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for Dynamics 365 is a great opportunity for you as a Microsoft System Integrator (SI) to deliver more value to your customers and gain a competitive edge. Avantiico offers proven, cutting edge intellectual property (IP) – third party add-ons for Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management (D365 F&SCM) enabling your Microsoft consulting teams to deliver advanced accounting automation and a 3PL Billing & Warehouse Management System (WMS) to accelerate your value creation and customer success. 

If you are a customer evaluating Avantiico’s ISV Solutions and wish to make your current Microsoft partner aware of them- read on. 

Pioneering IP and Industry Solutions

Building on nearly two decades of Microsoft Partner and Dynamics solution development experiences, Avantiico teams collaborate with Microsoft Partners to deliver transformative solutions to address specific industry challenges. Avantiico’s product investments for Microsoft D365 F&SCM include innovative logistics solutions for 3PL Billing Automation and Warehousing as well as modern Multi-Company finance automation. The Avantiico Microsoft ISV solutions, natively built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, leverage the power of the Microsoft Cloud to automate business processes, enhance operational efficiency, and drive growth across diverse business models and industry sectors. Whether your Microsoft consulting team is solutioning for advanced third-party logistics or addressing the accounting needs of large customer organizations with many legal entities, Avantiico’s cutting-edge add-on solutions are designed to empower the business success of your clients.

3PL Billing Automation
& Warehousing Solution

The Avantiico 3PL Billing Automation & Warehousing solution is a game-changing Dynamics 365 F&SCM add-on module designed specifically for the third-party logistics (3PL) industry. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, it offers a suite of powerful billing automation features that automatically capture billable activities from your different warehouses.

Addressing 3PL Challenges

The 3PL industry is constantly evolving, dealing with a myriad of challenges that include complex billing requirements, demanding warehousing operations, changing customer expectations, customer services and the need for real-time data. Traditional software and ERP solutions often struggle to keep pace with these demands, leading to inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and missed opportunities.

With Avantiico’s 3PL Billing Automation & Warehousing Solution, these challenges are effectively addressed. The solution allows for high volume billing automation and flexible billing agreements, accommodating diverse and complex billing scenarios inherent in 3PL service offerings and operations. The 3PL solution offers robust warehousing features, enabling efficient tracking of services and warehousing tasks, increasing operational efficiency, and reducing errors.

The Need for Innovation in 3PL

With increasing pressure to deliver goods faster, more accurately, and at lower costs, logistics and 3PL providers are in constant search for business applications that can help streamline their operations and gain a competitive edge. The Avantiico 3PL Billing & Warehousing Solution is precisely such a Microsoft ISV solution. By delivering powerful warehousing and billing capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics 365, Avantiico’s solution provides 3PL providers with the means to meet industry challenges head-on and transform customer requirements into opportunities for growth and success.

If you are a Microsoft SI offering your customers advanced WMS and logistics solutions, adding the 3PL Billing & Warehousing Solution into your solution portfolio opens up a world of opportunities. Offer your customers a tailored solution that tackles one of the logistics industry’s most challenging areas, making you a preferred choice for your customers seeking to digitally transform their 3PL operations.

Multi Company Automation &
Financial Management Solution

Avantiico’s Multi Company Automation solution simplifies and optimizes the full spectrum of financial management for customers with many legal entities. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, this solution delivers centralization, business process automation, and accuracy to multi-company finance operations with hundreds of legal entities.

Addressing Multi-Company Financial Management Challenges

Managing the end-to-end accounting disciplines across complex companies with multiple legal entities is a complex task. It involves navigating diverse financial structures, reconciling disparate data sources, ensuring accurate intercompany transactions, and managing a multitude of reports. Traditional financial management solutions often fall short in addressing these complexities, leading to inefficiencies, errors, and compliance risks.

Avantiico’s Multi Company solution is designed to address these challenges head-on. It offers a centralized Dynamics 365 Finance based platform for managing finances across all your companies, providing real-time visibility into financial data. The solution automates intercompany transactions, reducing manual effort, and increasing accuracy. It also simplifies report generation, enabling you to create consolidated or individual financial reports with ease.

The Need for a Dynamics 365 Finance Automation Solution

As a Microsoft Partner, you understand the power of automation and tailored solutions in driving your customer success. In the realm of large enterprises and multi-company financial management, the business case and need for automation is particularly pronounced. With the increasing scale and complexity of large and international enterprises, your customers are looking for Microsoft solutions and accounting automation to help them streamline their operations, ensure accuracy, and make data-driven decisions.

With Avantiico as your ISV partner, you can leverage this proven solution to drive growth and success for both your customers and your business. Partner with us and harness the power of our innovative solutions designed to transform the way businesses manage their finances across multiple entities.

Services for you as a Microsoft Partner and Implementor

As an ISV Partner, Avantiico teams bring a wealth of real-life implementation experience and services aimed at empowering your Microsoft team as you leverage these solutions for your end-customers. Whether your customers’ focus is Third-Party Logistics (3PL) or Multi-Company Automation & Financial Management, the Avantiico ISV services are designed to guide your team every step of the way, ensuring that you extract maximum value from our solutions and partnership offering.

Advisory Services

At the onset of our partnership, our solution advisory team works closely with your team (and your customer where relevant) to understand the specific business needs and customer objectives. We provide insights into how 3PL or Multi-Company Financial Management Solutions can help your team solve high value customer needs, adding value to your customers and contributing to successful customer relationships.

Consulting Services

Our team of experienced consultants is always at your team’s service, providing in-depth knowledge about Avantiico solutions and their application in diverse business scenarios. Senior Microsoft Dynamics implementors from the Avantiico teams offer concrete and strategic guidance on solution alignment, process optimization, and industry compliance/standards, ensuring that your business is well-equipped to offer these solutions to your customers.

Implementation Services

Working alongside your Microsoft consulting team, your assigned Avantiico team loyally engages with your project stakeholders for the seamless integration of the Avantiico ISV solutions into your customer’s existing Microsoft ecosystem. Our experts guide you through the process, managing risks, mitigating issues, and ensuring a successful implementation.

Support Services

Avantiico offers ongoing support services to ensure that your team and your customers continue to derive maximum value from our solutions. From addressing technical issues to providing Microsoft Dynamics updates and enhancements, our support team is committed to ensuring your success.

Partnering with Avantiico opens up new opportunities for growth and success. Avantiico’s comprehensive services ensure that you are well-supported in offering innovative industry and automation solutions to your customers, delivering greater value, and strengthening your position in the market. Discover the potential of Avantiico’s 3PL and Multi-Company Financial Management Solutions today, and let’s join forces to drive transformation in your business and for your customers.

Benefits of Partnering With Avantiico as your ISV Partner

If you are an experienced Microsoft Partner, the Avantiico ISV solutions offer your team an opportunity to increase implementation speed, enhance your offerings and drive customer success. The 3PL Billing Automation and Warehousing Solution and Multi-Company Financial Management Solution have been developed to address distinct industry challenges, offering a wealth of benefits for your business and your customers.

Expand Your Service Offerings

As a Microsoft Business Application Partner, the challenge of maintaining in-depth expertise across all industries can be daunting. Each customer industry comes with its unique set of challenges, operational nuances, and regulatory requirements. Keeping up with these ever-evolving landscapes requires constant learning, a significant time investment, and extensive resources.


Partnering with Avantiico as an ISV offers a practical and effective solution to this challenge. Proven teams from Avantiico bring deep industry-specific knowledge and experience. By leveraging our expertise, your team can confidently offer specialized solutions to your customers without having to build that knowledge base in-house.

Deliver Enhanced Customer Value

The Avantiico solutions can help your customers optimize their business processes and increase operational efficiency. By offering these ISV solutions, you position yourself as a Microsoft Partner committed to delivering exceptional value and driving customer success.

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Gain a Competitive Edge

In the competitive Microsoft Partner landscape, offering Avantiico’s unique solutions sets you apart. You demonstrate an innovative approach, and a commitment to delivering industry IP that address specific business model and industry challenges.

Unlock Net New Business Opportunities

Our innovative solutions open up new business opportunities, enabling you to tap into markets that require specialized 3PL or multi-company financial management solutions. This not only expands your customer base but also drives business growth.

Benefit from Comprehensive Support

As an Avantiico partner, you gain access to our suite of support services and learning resources. From advisory and consulting services to implementation support and ongoing assistance, we’re with you at every step, ensuring you and your customers derive maximum value from our solutions.

Joining the Avantiico partner network presents an opportunity to be part of a community of innovators and leaders. We collaborate, share insights, and work together to drive mutual growth and success. Partner with Avantiico today, and let’s leverage the power of our innovative IP solutions to transform businesses and deliver exceptional customer value.

Join Us In Our Mission

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