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Understanding the ERP Software Selection Process

Many companies have traditionally leaned on “Requests for Proposal” (RFP)s to guide their organizations during a software selection process for a new accounting and supply chain solution. However, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software as well as cloud software evaluation tools have evolved tremendously rendering accounting software RFPs no longer ideal for software selection or partner decisions.

RFPs no longer ideal for software selection or partner decisions. ERP or CRM software offerings are oftentimes non-comparable, consulting partner expertise and team composition can be difficult to estimate in packed RFP process and RFP timeline. For these reasons, an RFP may not serve your organization well in the ERP implementation process.
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Get Help Evaluating ERP Software

Today’s modern organizations must look at solving specific business problems rather than simple feature comparisons in your next accounting and supply chain management solution. Only then will your organization be able to evaluate software against your prioritized set of core business problems. With the help of robust Microsoft funded programs, senior Avantiico implementors help your team through their selection process for a new ERP software, CRM, and automation software, focusing on the right software for your needs.
Through upfront envisioning workshops, business value assessments, and concrete solution review sessions, Avantiico facilitates selection and enables company alignment on business challenges and priorities for your entire organization, ensuring the selection team finds the ideal ERP for your needs.
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A study by InformationWeek reported that “nearly half (49%) of enterprise software selection projects take longer than six months to complete”

The Importance of Choosing the Right Microsoft Partner for Selecting an ERP System

Organizations across the globe are in a never-ending state of digital evolution- increasing their reliance on cloud software. Mature and modern businesses don’t rely on a single enterprise application to meet the needs of all departments. Instead, organizations make cohesive decisions around a suite of products that will enable certain personas and roles in the company in an agile way. This diversity necessitates a careful ERP selection and implementation process.
For this reason, selecting a Microsoft Partner who is familiar with your business model and/or industry represents an opportunity for stronger alignment. A Microsoft Partner can help customers scale with Microsoft technology to meet their ever-changing needs. Long before a Microsoft Partner implements or deploys software, they play an advisory role that helps customers envision new solutions and validate opportunities for digital transformation, thereby ensuring the success of your ERP project.
This can mean formulating a Business Value Assessment (BVA) to justify cost, assessing a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to project cost, or conducting Envisioning Workshops to create comprehensive roadmaps. As a Microsoft Partner, Avantiico’s focus is on the needs of our customers at every stage of their transformation journey, ensuring the benefits from ERP are maximized.

What goes into selecting software?

ERP Selection Criteria to Select the Right ERP Solution

When it comes to selecting accounting, inventory management, WMS, or any other cloud software, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind in order to select the best possible option for your business. The first and most important step is to understand your objective in what you are looking for the software to accomplish. You cannot be successful in your search for solutions without understanding what you are looking for, whether that involves updating existing ERP systems, implementing a new ERP system, or exploring different ERP solutions optimized for your needs.

A Microsoft Partner can help you understand current processes, pain points, and the benefits of transitioning to a cloud-based ERP. Even more importantly, a partner can help you quantify the strategic benefits, cost savings, and time savings of new solutions, making it easier to choose the best ERP system for your needs. Once you understand your why, leveraging your business users’ knowledge of the business and considering ERP selection criteria, you’ll want to put together a comprehensive list of requirements. This includes not only looking for an ERP system that meets your functional, usability, budgetary, technological, and reporting needs but also considering the scalability and software vendor support of the ERP cloud options. A Microsoft Partner can help capture these requirements and prioritize their value to the organization, guiding you through every step of the ERP system selection and ensuring a successful ERP implementation.

Facilitating Your ERP Selection Process

Through pre-defined assessments, envisioning workshops, and modernization workshops, a Microsoft partner can help you offset the cost of making Microsoft technology and licensing decisions. These funding opportunities can help you reduce your software investment and uncover ways to fund your Microsoft technology usage, thereby supporting the adoption of today’s ERP systems. A Microsoft Partner can:

  • Ensure you have access to all available funding programs, aiding with ERP consulting for top ERP solutions.
  • Accelerate your time to value for technology investments, particularly when conducting an ERP selection process to find the right ERP software for your business.
  • Remove the barrier of time to value for solution investments, critical for businesses transitioning from many ERP systems or looking to optimize ERP installations.
  • Provide information about relevant assessments and workshops to help determine which is the ideal ERP system for your business.
  • Aid with right-sizing your agreements through discussions with licensing experts, ensuring you receive the best ERP solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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