Dynamics 365 3PL Warehouse Management and Automation System

3PL service providers face unique challenges such as keeping up with ever-changing order volumes, ensuring timely and accurate billing, optimizing 3PL warehouses and managed inventory across locations, managing delivery options and 3PL freight services. Add to this advanced customer analytics and support services for its 3PL clients. Dynamics 365 Finance can handle your core 3PL needs and specific 3PL warehouse management system challenges. Microsoft Dynamics brings together every department. Equip your 3PL business with the 3PL accounting and warehousing software you need to thrive in today’s fast-paced environment.

Utilize Microsoft Applications to Optimize Your 3PL Business

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6 Ways the Dynamics 365 Cloud Drives Efficiency in 3PL Billing Automation

Unified Data and Operations

Accurate Customer Billing

Faster Order Fulfillment

Consolidated WMS and TMS

Customer Service Effort Reduction

Collaboration and CRM Tools

Unify Third-Party Logistics Operations with Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Mgmt.

The unification and 3PL integration with Dynamics 365 of all financial management and supply chain operations allows for a complete view of your core 3PL business. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain allows for multiple warehouses and transportation management on one platform meaning Dynamics 365 covers your entire supply chain from sourcing to delivery. The Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain application is the most complete cloud ERP solution currently available.


Microsoft’s cloud ERP software tracks order information and trends across all third party warehouses on one consolidated platform. Historical data collection and storing on inventory patterns, storage fee, and shipping locations makes your business more prepared to meet customer needs. Geographic and seasonal order data is essential for product allocation across 3PL warehouses to be close to your 3PL clients’ end customers. Real-time data is a core value proposition for Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain for 3PL providers using the Dynamics 365 warehouse management and 3PL Billing Cloud. Dynamics 365 is a multi-language, multi-currency ERP solution to meet the needs of modern international businesses. Operating through Microsoft’s Azure cloud with more than 58 regions globally the Microsoft Dynamics Cloud connects your 3PL operations no matter where in the world they are located.

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Avantiico 3PL Warehouse and Billing Solution for Dynamics 365

While the standard Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations solution provides a comprehensive ERP software solution, there are still important 3PL industry requirements that 3PL providers need. 


The purpose-built Avantiico 3PL solution addresses the need to set up unique customer contract terms and charges based on various storage, warehouse shipment, and transaction factors. The 3PL Billing Cloud is natively built on standard Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain solution, offering features unique to 3PL organizations and providers across 3PL inventory management, transportation mgmt. as well and 3PL freight charge management. 


With the ability to handle billions of dollars worth of inventory and millions of sales order lines weekly, the 3PL billing solution for Dynamics automates many 3PL billing functions and billable activities saving countless hours of work. Avantiico’s 3PL billing software, tools, and other Microsoft add-ons build the ideal cloud solution for 3PL companies. To request a demo, visit our product page

Intelligent Order Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain

Intelligent Order Management integrates with ordering platforms including e-commerce, mobile apps, marketplace, and electronic data interchange (EDI), facilitating simple order fulfillment for the 3PL provider.


Order fulfillment is made easier through automation using AI and rules, increasing reliability. The tool uses distributed order management (DOM) for efficient, cost-effective order fulfillment using real-time recommendations. Post-order fulfillment, users can take advantage of drag-and-drop tools to swiftly modify order journeys.


Real-time inventory visibility assists in achieving optimal stock levels through comprehensive data, built on Dataverse making it highly scalable. This extends to real-time order visibility along the entire fulfillment pipeline. This data is tracked in customizable, visual dashboards to communicate the efficiency of operations in an accessible way. All of these features make IOM an essential Microsoft 3PL software tool.

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Unification of Warehouse Management and Transportation Management Systems

WMS and TMS unification is a significant value proposition for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain. Dynamics 365’s Transportation Management System helps 3PL businesses optimize inbound and outbound transportation by determining the fastest and least expensive routes in terms of shipping rate. Analysis of data is essential for minimizing delivery timelines and reliability. The Microsoft TMS solution uses data to determine factors that affect delivery time and shipment accuracy directly and indirectly.


The advanced warehouse management system makes picking, packing, and kitting processes far more efficient through data-optimized, intelligent wave picking. The WMS solution also has a mobile app for management on-the-go. Additionally, the Landed Cost module has vastly improved visibility and financial reconciliation during the importing process. The module captures Freight costs and ensures proper customer billing, making it a valuable Microsoft 3PL software feature.


The Dynamics 365 Supply Chain management software solution provides advanced inventory management capabilities to address the complex inventory challenges that 3PL companies face when scaling. Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain facilitates accurate inventory accounting through multiple billing cycle-counting strategies. Additional support for item tracing by serial, batch, or lot numbers allows for further visibility once an item leaves your warehouse.

Power Apps Portals & Dual Write

The combination of Power Apps Portals and dual write facilitates the ability for customers to interact with real-time data through a Power Apps Portal. As a direct result, customers can onboard new users, pay invoices, and view invoices and balances with zero help from a customer service representative. Internally, implementing a bidirectional flow of data between ERP system and CRM applications through dual write ensures all departments are working with the same data.


The reduction in customer service effort saves your business process significant overhead in terms of personnel and allows current customer service representatives to spend less time on reactive tasks. Self-service through the portal removes barriers to information, keeping customers up to date in real-time.


A dual write integration streamlines the prospect-to-cash process with communication between CRM and ERP applications. This eliminates data soloing while allowing for one version of the truth.

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Collaboration and Customer Engagement Applications

Microsoft leads the way for collaboration with its Microsoft 365 suite of applications. Teams allows teammates to chat, video conference, and edit documents, which is essential for any modern business. Productivity tools are included as part of Microsoft 365 with the full Office application suite. Sharing documents via SharePoint and Teams eliminates unnecessary back-and-forth and confusion over the most recent versions of files. Microsoft’s Azure cloud provides exceptional uptime of 99.9% or above.


Demand generation and customer relationship management software are available as part of the Dynamics 365 cloud application suite with Dynamics 365 Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service. These tools allow users to track their customer acquisition pipeline from lead to paying customer. Microsoft’s CRM tracks customer contact information, including key data points for the creation of personas to be used in marketing campaigns. Nurturing customer relationships to the best of your ability can differentiate your business and foster long-lasting relationships, improving customer retention.


Having software resources your customer engagement team can rely on to drive future and current customer satisfaction is of significant importance for any 3PL business.

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