The Latest 3PL Billing Automation Solution Enhancements

We’re excited to announce the latest release of 3PL Billing Automation Solution enhancements, the WMS agnostic add-on designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management. Continue reading to learn about all the new features and enhancements to the ISV built to automate and streamline third-party logistics operations and billing processes.

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The team at Avantiico has been working closely with our 3PL customers to understand their business needs and opportunities to scale and expand. In collaboration with these customers and analyzing market trends, we’ve added 3 new features and several 3PL Billing Automation Solution enhancements. All the new features and enhancements are key additions to equip third-party logistics companies with additional tools to solve for existing industry challenges while continuing to expand the list of benefits the ISV solves for. This latest feature release provides further functionality for 3PL providers to optimize efficiency, profitability, and operations while staying competitive in a rapidly growing industry.

New Features:
Microsoft Dynamics 365 3PL Billing Automation Solution

The latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 3PL Billing Automation Solution updates introduce three key features designed to streamline processes for 3PL providers. With the advanced Freight Reconciliation, providers can now leverage 3-way matching that automates and simplifies the comparison of freight data. Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management System (WMS) ensures seamless data capture and billing accuracy, significantly reducing manual effort. The enhanced 3PL Customer Portal offers transparent and accessible billing information, improving customer satisfaction and minimizing disputes. These new features collectively offer significant benefits, including time and resource savings, enhanced accuracy, and better customer relationships.

3PL Freight Reconciliation in Dynamics 365

With this powerful new feature, 3PL providers can intelligently compare and validate freight data across the carrier, 3PL provider, and customer, enhancing the traditional Freight Reconciliation module of carrier and 3PL provider only. This 3-way matching automatically bills or credits customers for discrepancies by importing carrier invoices in various formats (Excel, CSV, EDI) from major carriers, including DHL, UPS, and FedEx, as well as data from the internal TMS. By automating and simplifying the reconciliation process, this new feature saves time and resources, potentially lowering overall freight costs, and unlocking a new revenue stream.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management System (WMS) Integration

The 3PL Billing Automation Solution now fully integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 WMS, ensuring seamless data flow between the 3PL Billing Automation Solution and D365. Whether your organization uses D365 WMS, an external WMS, or a combination, the 3PL Billing Automation Solution automatically captures billable activities and feeds them into the 3PL Billing Engine reducing manual work while improving billing accuracy. This simplifies and streamlines rapid acquisitions, especially for newly acquired companies utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 WMS. The ability to pull data from a mix of D365 and external WMS demonstrates our continued dedication to being the only WMS agnostic solution in the industry, providing 3PL providers with 100% flexibility fit for their business needs.

Billing Information via 3PL Customer Portal

Clients can now conveniently access billing information, credit details, and manage their cases through the improved Customer Portal. Seamlessly integrated with SharePoint, the portal enables customers to view detailed billing lines in summary invoices all in one platform. This functionality mitigates payment delays or disputes by granting full access to comprehensive billable activities and improves the overall customer experience with transparent billing information.

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Feature Enhancements:
Microsoft Dynamics 365 3PL Billing Automation Solution

The latest enhancements to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 3PL Billing Automation Solution deliver a variety of new features designed to streamline and enhance efficiency for 3PL providers. Key updates include automated contract management enhancements, refined warehouse billing activities, a more robust Customer Portal, simplified contract renewals, reinforced 3PL-specific security roles, and versatile billing engine capabilities. Additionally, customizable module configurations offer greater control over billing details. Read on for a deeper dive into each of these advancements and how they can transform your 3PL operations.

3PL Contract Management

We’ve made significant updates to contract management to streamline your workflow and boost efficiency. Now, your 3PL company can easily:

  • Increase list prices for expired contracts automatically that haven’t been renewed on time
  • Define complex pricing structures with greater flexibility with the Improved Rate Method including tiered pricing
  • Save time on repetitive tasks, by easily copying contracts for different customers. Finally, for improved communication, we’ve added the option to
  • Send additional email alerts to all relevant parties involved in a contract for improved communication

3PL Billing Automation One-Pager

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Warehouse direct, automatic, and indirect activities

This update makes managing warehouse and billable activities easier than ever. Your 3PL company can capture a wider range of services for your customers. Warehouse workers can easily record additional customer-specific work as billable activities. This includes:

  • Work based on standard D365 procedures (Work Classes, Work Templates, Work Pools)
  • Optional Work Policies and Work Processing Policies
  • Pick and Put options for moving goods

The system also automatically generates billable activities for pre-defined tasks, eliminating manual selection on handheld scanners. Plus, you can create custom billable activities for services beyond standard D365 features, giving you complete control over your billing process.

3PL Customer Portal

The enhanced 3PL customer portal can now provide access to invoices across legal entities, greatly reducing manual work and providing an easy way to obtain a comprehensive view of the organization.

3PL Contract Renewal Automation

This new workflow streamlines the renewal process for agreed-upon contracts, automating expired contracts and saving you time and hassle.

3PL Security

We’ve added 3PL-specific security roles to enhance security even more across your organization.

3PL Billing Engine

We’ve made updates to the 3PL Billing Engine allowing users to determine time zones when creating or importing billable activity records, ability to import and export billable attribute values, option to receive partial payments on PO confirmations, and adding the carrier tracking number to billable activities. Users can also delete.

3PL Module Configurations

There are additional user defined billing attributes that can now be enabled across Customers, Products, and Sales Orders providing more granular control.


We’re continuing to add additional features and important enhancements to the ISV solution this year. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date and to learn more about how the 3PL Billing Automation Solution can modernize your 3PL, schedule a free demo with our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain specialists.


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