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 Microsoft 365 is designed to provide any-time, anywhere access and collaboration across channels through the cloud. As an enterprise solution, Microsoft 365 gives your team the tools to work efficiently and remain safe from threats. 

All the Tools Your Business Needs to Succeed

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Revolutionize Efficiency With Microsoft 365 for Enterprise

Microsoft Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security are now united into one solution – Microsoft 365. 


Microsoft is dedicated to creating the optimal suite of applications that allow businesses to grow and modernize through the cloud.


Cloud Services through Microsoft 365 give businesses the ability to expand without purchasing additional infrastructure. Improved business efficiency with communication and productivity apps available as part of Microsoft 365 will have your business on the path for success. The cloud accommodates expansion at no additional effort from your team.


Security applications included in the product suite keep both your data and your customers’ data secure, warding off threats and saving your business money.

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Teams Usage Analytics

Enjoy Robust Business Analytics

Take advantage of the advanced analytics and usage statistics through Power BI. Gain key insights as to how your organization is using Microsoft 365 software to collaborate on projects.


Through this information, managers can determine most efficient uses of their technology and where it is being readily adopted within organizations.


Data can be used for internal resource planning and determine where training is needed. To experience the full benefits of Microsoft 365 it is important to make sure it is being used to its full extent in your organization.

Collaborate Across Channels

Microsoft 365 makes it easier to communicate and collaborate from anywhere with Outlook and Teams.


With Microsoft Teams functionalities such as chats, online meetings and secure file sharing, your organization can remain on the same page even in a remote work arrangement.


Utilize SharePoint to manage and store documents to be shared with your team.


Files can also be stored through Teams where they can be edited and viewed by anyone within their designated channel, removing the need to create multiple iterations of files.


Outlook removes the need for back and forth emails to schedule meeting times. Instead, with calendar sharing you can know when your colleagues are most available and meet at the most convenient times for everyone.

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Lock and safe for data security

Security & Compliance

  • Ensure device compliance with Intune
  • Protect against malware and threats with Windows Defender
  • Azure Threat Protection and Threat Analytics integrate machine learning 
  • Data encryption when data is both at rest and in transit
  • $1 billion in Microsoft investment into their security applications annually
  • Internationally distributed servers ensuring users have the same quality of cloud computing service nearly everywhere
  • Support from Microsoft professionals with deep knowledge of the software

Continued Microsoft Support

With support having ended for Office 2010 and Windows 7, ensure application security with Microsoft 365 and Windows 10. These products are receiving constant updates from Microsoft, supplying users with the most up-to-date security and efficiency features.


Move to Microsoft 365 and Windows 10 to receive the most up-to-date Microsoft technology. Support for these programs is essential for IT personnel to keep their knowledge relevant and receive help from software experts if anything goes wrong.


Businesses that choose not to migrate to the cloud risk losing employees due to the frustrations of on-premise infrastructure and possibilities of upskilling elsewhere.

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4 Reasons to Upgrade to the Cloud With Microsoft 365

Reason 1 for Microsoft 365 upgrade: improved teamwork drive creativity and efficiency
Reason 2 for Microsoft 365 upgrade: return on investment
Reason 3 for Microsoft 365 upgrade: stronger security and compliance
Reason 4 for Microsoft 365 upgrade: simplified and agile IT management

Microsoft 365 Support

Your business may be running Microsoft 365 in your organization today. Avantiico can help support many aspects of Microsoft Modern Workplace- including licensing reviews, Office 365 management and troubleshooting, Teams deployments and automations, and more. Reach out to a member of our team today to learn more about out Microsoft 365 Live Services offerings. 

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