Dynamics 365 for Talent

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent: Onboard App for HR Talent Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent’s onboarding application accelerates time to impact and speeds up your onboarding process so your new talent can perform faster. All you need to gather in one system to make it easy for Hiring Managers and new talents. Watch an overview of our business solutions’ dedicated human capital management features.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent Onboarding Features

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent on attract workflow

Onboard New Hires Faster

With pre-defined onboarding templates, you make it easy for new employees to get excited about the onboarding tasks they need to perform to get a great start, facilitating the streamlining of training and development. As a candidate and a Hiring Manager, you will now have everything in one dashboard that gives everyone an easy overview of what’s going to happen, streamlining goal management together.

Create Onboarding Protocols

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent, you have all the information you need to accelerate your onboarding speed and enhance HR department efficiency and workflow. There is no need to access several different systems to find training plans, career development resources, organization charts, etc. You can customize the different tasks with links, videos, maps, and personalized apps, enhancing project management capabilities within the HR department and fostering a digital transformation.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent on attract workflow
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent employee self service manage contributors dashboard

Help Employees and Workforce Connect

Before your new team members start you can create the right connections for them, so that it will be easier for them to get to know their employees and managers, working locations, and facilities.

Collaborate Between Departments

Onboarding new team members commonly requires several people’s input and can, therefore, be a time-consuming event. This underscores the need to optimize your human resources workflow for better collaboration. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent, it is easy to assign and contribute coworkers to the onboarding plan, exemplifying efficient goal management.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent employee self service manage contributors dashboard

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent: Transforming Human Resources (HR) Talent Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent is a pivotal solution. This specialized Dynamics 365 human resource management app is engineered to consolidate essential HR management functionalities within a single platform.

Launched in July 2017 as one of the latest additions to the Dynamics 365 suite, Dynamics 365 for Talent is dedicated to enhancing the employee management experience from recruitment to retirement.

The journey toward optimal human capital management with Dynamics 365 for Talent is structured around five key phases: attracting, onboarding, engaging, learning, and optimizing. Access to the comprehensive Talent application provides entry to these integral functionalities.

The application is packed with capabilities that facilitate:

  • Governance of organizational hierarchies
  • Detailed management of employee information from entry to exit, contributing to visibility in workforce analytics.
  • Configuration and management of benefit schemes, including enrollment, dependent coverage, and beneficiary assignments
  • Creation and oversight of absence policies
  • Execution of time management based on profiles, coupled with payroll data preparation
  • Skill and competency management of the workforce is a critical function of dedicated human capital management systems.
  • Evaluation of performance and goal setting for employees, crucial for effective performance management.
  • Organization, delivery, and evaluation of training programs complete with detailed schedules and content, ensuring high performers are continuously developed.

Moreover, Dynamics 365 for Talent is enhanced through integration with other Dynamics 365 platform applications and Office 365 services like Outlook, offering a unique advantage. A notable addition to this suite is its seamless integration with LinkedIn, leveraging data from over 500 million users, following Microsoft’s acquisition of the professional networking platform.

Beyond recruitment, sustained employee engagement is the key to fostering a successful and productive team. Businesses dedicated to employee engagement strategies see significant benefits in productivity and reduced turnover rates.

Dynamics 365 for Talent introduces several tools to support effective workforce management, showcasing the extensive capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  • Deployment of self-service portals allows employees to self-manage their profiles, tasks, training, and evaluations, reducing HR workload and enhancing employee satisfaction by promoting self-driven development.
  • Clarity in organizational structures through customizable templates for departments, positions, and roles.
  • An integrated Learning Management System for developing and delivering training programs to onboard and enhance the workforce’s skills.

Furthermore, the app facilitates integration with third-party payroll systems, offering native benefits, compensation, and succession planning management. Dynamics 365 for Talent simplifies the recruitment, onboarding, and development processes, encouraging a culture of excellence where operational efficiency and employee performance thrive.

It enables continuous employee development through real-time feedback, performance monitoring, and clear advancement opportunities. Enhanced by Dynamics 365’s AI, the app automates routine HR tasks and enhances strategic planning by analyzing key operational metrics.

Additionally, Dynamics 365 for Talent ensures compliance with various legal standards, including the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), emphasizing the importance of privacy and security in today’s data-driven landscape.

Recent enhancements to Dynamics 365 for Talent are designed to assist customers in adhering to new regulatory requirements, underscoring the company’s commitment to organizational and employee excellence.

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