Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft’s business intelligent tool Power BI is a comprehensive data analytic tool, that allows you to get real time data in seconds. Quality insights gives you the ability and power to make faster informed decisions. Microsoft’s Power BI tool is fully integrated with your Dynamics AX- or Dynamics 365 application. 

Accordingly to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms and the strategic planning assumption, 50% of analytical queries will be generated via search, natural language processing or voice, or will be automatically generated by 2020 and the number of data and analytics experts in business units will grow at three times the rate of experts in IT departments, which will force companies to rethink their organizational models and skill sets.

Visual Dashboard

The visual capabilities that comes with Power BI, allows you to see all data in one beautiful designed dashboard. Depending on your security level you can easily share data analytics with coworkers anytime on all your devices connected. The easy navigate dashboard gives you hands-on knowledge from across your organization and allows you to take any actions needed to better your business. All data is available in the Microsoft cloud and on-premise. 

Power BI on Microsoft Power Platform

Power BI for Everyone


It has never been easier to build new business applications and bring them to live in the Microsoft cloud. Built your own or use out of the box reports to make better decisions.  


Keep your business compliance and stay secure with individual access levels that allows them to view only the date they need to see. Everything is simple and in one dashboard.

for business analysts

With direct first hand access to your intelligent insight dashboard, you can now turn insights and detailed reports into actions. Reports has never been easier to create and act on.

Microsoft Power BI Dashboard

Replace Third-Party Analytics With Power BI

You can quickly connect with hundreds sources of data with a very little effort. It gives you smooth data in beautiful reports and insights in areas that have been in your grey zone. Power BI can be applied across departments, companies and regions which allows you to regional benchmarks and take actions. 

Explore the Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft’s power platform combine Power BI, Microsoft Flow and PowerApps to give you the best from multiple tools.

Microsoft Flow


Connected with hundreds of applications and services Microsoft flow allows you automate your workflow with a “no code” approach. 

Microsoft Power BI Icon


Interactive real-time visuals in one dashboards that generate actionable insights for your business.


Building applications has never been easier. Build applications within hours and connect to your data.

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