Collaborative Apps Workshop

Overcome the hurdles of the hybrid work model through a unified single-app experience with Microsoft Teams, connecting apps built for virtual collaboration. Reduce context switching and keep employees in the flow of work by connecting them to the content, resources, tools, and expertise essential for them to collaborate in real-time.

Hybrid work is transforming the workplace

Businesses like yours face new challenges to manage distributed workforces, bring their teams together and keep them engaged, and create inclusive cultures

Provide more flexible policies to attract and retain employees

81% of leaders are changing their workplace policies to offer greater flexibility​

Businesses need to create policies to support their employees, whether they choose to work in the office, at home, ​ or on the go.

Bring in-person collaboration and culture to a hybrid environment

73% off employees want ​ flexible remote work options to continue​

Managers and team leaders require tools and resources to effectively engage with their teams – especially as hybrid workers struggle to stay connected.

Use technology to bridge ​ the collaboration divide that exists in the business

45% Increase in weekly Microsoft Teams ​ chats per person​

Businesses need to invest in collaboration tools that bring workflows together – instead of requiring their teams to use disparate applications to complete tasks.​

Collaborative Apps Workshop Goals

Meet the demands of hybrid work and increase workforce productivity by automating repetitive tasks and key business processes.

Connect and collaborate anytime and everywhere with collaborative apps in Microsoft Teams

your way

Empower every worker to share information instantly in the ways they prefer, such as chats, video calls, and news posts

in real-time

Enable employees to stay in
the flow of work and easily collaborate on documents, reports, dashboards, and other content

Centralize info

Easily distribute information and keep your teams informed with one-to-many and
many-to-one communications

Work from

Keep hybrid workers connected and engaged from wherever they are and whatever device they use with the Teams app

Collaborative Apps Workshop Overview

Learn how to connect and collaborate with apps in your Teams environment. Drive a natural adoption of Microsoft Teams to empower employees and stakeholders in the business. 

Collaborative Apps Workshop

A three-phase partner-led engagement helping your business improve collaboration, communications and culture by building cohesive business Teams solutions

Business Outcomes

Empower your stakeholders and employees by gaining relevant and actionable outcomes and solutions: 

  • Identified pain points and prioritized scenarios to address current business challenges
  • A solution play to develop, implement and adopt potential solutions
  • Guidance on how to address governance of applications
  • An Adoption framework and champion management platform
  • A business case justifying the business transformation


Prior to beginning, we first identify the key business stakeholders and their priorities, gather information on key business scenarios, and begin to define the scope relevant to the Collaborative Apps Workshop to align the team and organization.

Art of the Possible

Learn about 1st and 3rd party apps in Teams, Power Apps and line-of-business apps relevant to your business. Select appropriate modules to dive into specific topics. Go through curated demos and guided simulations,

Build the Plan

Finally, you'll go through a complete application and solution ideation and high-level design. Prioritize scenarios to include in a final solution plan and define next steps and timeline to develop and implement the solution.

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