Microsoft Power Apps

Power Apps is a no code/low code business solutions platform that gives you the tools to create custom apps that connect to your data. Power Apps are a more efficient way to complete essential business tasks, removing the need for managing information through paper processes or Excel workbooks.


As a cloud-based platform, Power Apps allows you to complete these tasks on the go from your phone or tablet. Model-driven apps will even work on all these devices automatically. You can even add AI for certain functions, reducing the need for potentially thousands of hours dedicated by humans to data entry and classification.

Visual Dashboard

In your Power Apps Dashboard, you can easily keep track of your projects through visual representations of your data and operations. These can be completely tailored to your needs, so the information is as accessible as possible. This is a great way for your team to stay organized and answer questions about your operations faster than ever before.


Through the portals feature, even your clients can interact with the data in your Dataverse. This can be accessed through an anonymous or authenticated website that is customized to your business.

Power Apps are for everyone in the company

For All Team Members

The no code/low code design makes it easy for any of your team members to create Power Apps that fit their needs. However, there are advanced functionalities that talented developers will be able to utilize for the creation of more complex applications. No matter your tech skills, Power Apps makes development easy.

For Business Analysts

Using Power Apps you can compile your organization’s data from Dataverse or another source such as SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Azure SQL, etc., onto a single app. This simplifies keeping track of and interacting with your data.

For Your Clients

Building externally facing websites to be used by your clients is another core function of Power Apps. These portals allow your customers to interact with your data and keep track of their needs, all in one location.

Replace Inefficient Legacy Processes with Power Apps

Instead of dealing with slow, outdated processes, use Power Apps to easily complete and visually represent your operations.


Paper processes and spreadsheets have glaring limitations. Creating your own Power Apps allows you to automate many essential processes saving countless worker hours, streamlining relationships with clients and your own data.

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Per app plan

(Run one app per user)
$ 10 per user/app/month

Per user plan

(Run unlimited apps per user)
$ 40 per user/month

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