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The nature of work has changed. Employees expect to work securely from anywhere, on any device, and they put a high premium on work that enriches and fulfills them. When their productivity tools enhance the quality and effectiveness of their work experience, they’re happier, more valuable and more likely to stay. 

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Microsoft's Modern Workplace

Companies need to provide that empowerment, but they also need to protect vital IT assets. It’s a fundamental operational change necessary to all businesses. With our Microsoft Modern Workplace support services, your business can improve employee productivity and satisfaction, and create more seamless communication and collaboration across locations and platforms while maintaining the security and integrity of systems and data.

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Modern Workplace
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PC Lifecycle Analysis

Modern Workplace Support Plan

License Analysis

With today’s complex, fast-paced workplace, it can be a real challenge to stay on top of your Microsoft licensing spend, especially for organizations that have gone through reorgs, mergers, or acquisitions. Our experts will help to drive your company towards maximum value through a two-front examination of your environment:

  1. A thorough review of the current licensing schema in your organization, paired with
  2. Interviews with representative worker personas in your organization to understand their technology needs

With this information, we will provide a detailed recommendation of how your licensing mix can be optimized whether it be through removal of duplicates, right-sizing the technology spend to the employee needs, working with Microsoft to leverage available discounts, or other mechanisms. 

Employees using Avantiico's microsoft modern workplace support.

Modern Workplace Roadmap

More than ever, having a vision for your company’s technology future is a key success factor in creating secure, efficient, responsive IT organizations capable of meeting the needs of a modern workforce.

With this service, our experts will conduct extensive interviews with members of your IT organization from all levels to understand both the reality of the current state of operations, as well as leadership’s goals and priorities. Our recommendation will outline a series of optimizations over time:

  • 30 day Quick Wins, minor changes that can be rapidly implemented to yield a benefit
  • 90 day Tactical Priorities, key changes that need to be addressed within the quarter
  • 1-year Major Transformations, initiatives that will require significant planning an investment to implement
  • 3-5 year Roadmap Guidance, a strategic blueprint for what decisions need to be made in the long term to achieve leadership’s goals
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PC Lifecycle Analysis

Optimizing the way your company buys, deploys, and supports your devices is an opportunity not only for significant cost savings but also to reduce employee downtime and increase user satisfaction across the organization. The Avantiico team will organize a series of workshops and document reviews to gain a full understanding of your business’s current PC Lifecycle Management Process, from procurement through disposal. From this input, Avantiico will provide recommendations following industry best practices, including those listed below. Leveraging these practices will allow your organization to optimize its IT spend, minimize user downtime through accelerated time-to-use deployments, and simplify maintenance needs through a standardized platform. 

Procurement Optimization

Right-sizing how your organization sources both conventional and mobile hardware, leveraging available discounts


Optimizing how your images are built, applied to devices, and kept up to date

Deployment Strategy

Maximizing efficiency in how your devices are configured, shipped, and set up in all scenarios (New User/Replacement/Upgrade)

Device Management Strategy

Leveraging the latest tools to ensure your devices are secured, monitored, kept in compliance, and up to date

Service Desk Operation

Minimizing user down time by leveraging rapid troubleshooting & replacement processes


Ensuring your hardware is reliably tracked throughout its lifecycle, from purchase through disposal

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Employees using Avantiico's microsoft modern workplace support.

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