Third Party Logistics Software - Automate Billing with 3PL Software

3PL software built to eliminate tedious manual tasks, drive cost savings, and unlock new revenue streams for 3PL warehouses and providers

Significantly shorten billing cycles, optimize cash flow, and maximize profitability with the custom designed extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management.

Built for third-party logistics (3PL) businesses who want to streamline their operational and financial processes, the 3PL Billing Automation Solution provides an easy-to-use and feature rich add-on for Microsoft D365 F&SCM.

With the 3PL Billing Automation Solution, your business can remove the manual complexities of combining and transforming data from multiple systems to bill customers and close billing cycles. The powerful billing engine provides real-time view of revenue, billable activities, and expenses regardless of your existing WMS or third party software solution. The 3PL Billing Automation Solution addresses the unique needs of 3PL service providers with a unified and consistent user experience within the Dynamics 365 ecosystem that fully automates your 3PL billing operations.


Say goodbye to inefficiencies of 3rd party logistics operations with the 3PL Billing Automation Solution by Avantiico.

The D365 3PL Warehouse Management Software & Billing Automation Solution's Core Capabilities

Avantiico gear representing the solution in the middle, connected to different warehouses and collecting an invoice via Avantiico's 3PL Billing and Warehouse solution.

3PL Warehouse Management System (3PL WMS) and Non-WMS System Agnostic

In order to serve 3PL businesses of all kinds globally, the 3PL Billing Automation Solution integrates with D365 WMS, external WMS, and non-WMS systems. The solution architecture allows for seamless integration with WMS and Non-WMS solutions to consume various billable activities making it fit for any 3PL business regardless of their current technology stack.

Whether your 3PL business only uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SCM, or a mix of 3rd party software, the 3PL Billing Automation Solution allows the flexibility for data and billable activities to be pulled in from anywhere.

Third Party Logistics Software Billing Automation Engine

The 3PL Billing Automation Engine software is designed to fully automate the financial and operational processes in third-party logistics businesses of all sizes by automatically creating periodic sales orders and invoices. It’s capable of handling millions of orders every week and billions of dollars in inventory and removes the manual, time-consuming, error-prone tasks of multiple teams. This results in time and resource savings, accelerates month-end close, and opens avenues for new revenue streams.
Diagram of 3PL billing automation solution billing engine by Avantiico
Contract set up in 3PL Billing Automation Solution for Dynamics 365 - downloadable assets for Microsoft Dynamics

Complex 3PL Contract Set Up & Administration

The 3PL Billing Automation Solution simplifies the entire customer contract setup and management processes. 3PL companies and providers can easily define contract terms, fees, and charges, and have them automatically applied to their clients. Once you define what is being billed, how charges are calculated, and invoice timing, you can leave the rest to the 3PL software system to automate the process for you. These include:
  • One-time Client Contract Charges (Contract Initiation, Integrations)
  • Transaction Based Charges (Purchasing, Shipping, Material, Freight)
  • Calculated Based Charges (Storage, Minimum)
  • Time Based Charges (Recurring, Minimum)

All contract information is centralized within D365 Finance & Supply Chain Management Solution, providing a single location for third-party logistics companies to easily and securely access contract details. It also enables third party logistics companies to bill their clients for handling and shipping their products based on contract terms. These billable activities may include charges for packing, shipping, labeling/branding, kitting, and freight. This enhances the automated 3PL billing process, encompassing more business transactions beyond the warehouse than before.

Additionally, the management tool can manage escalations, auto-renewals, and contract termination dates on behalf of 3PL warehouses and providers, automating complex and manual operational and financial processes for teams across your 3PL organization.

Customer Branding

The 3PL Billing Automation Solution is ideal for 3PL clients who sell multiple brands and want to keep their accounting separate. This innovative feature allows clients’ products to be identified and sorted by Brand. This allows clients to receive automated invoices separated by brand with just as much ease as any other automated invoices.

With this feature, the collection of billable activities is fast and efficient, with real-time tracking, data collection, and automatic organization of sales orders by client and brand. This streamlined logistics process eliminates the need for manual efforts in the billing process, saving you countless hours of work and helping you grow your 3PL business.
Warehouse with a truck separating 3PL billing processes by customer brand and split into separate invoices
3PL Fulfillment process via Avantiico's 3PL Billing and Warehouse solution.

Client Specific Transactions & Order Fulfillments

The Avantiico 3PL Warehouse and Billing solution also adds functionality around fulfillment. Fulfillment requests can be received as EDI transactions, as Intelligent Order Management (IOM) marketplace orders, or as customer-specific .XML or .CSV files. These requests are subsequently transformed into sales orders, automating and speeding up another manual and time-consuming process. This complete 3PL software solution integrates warehouse management tools to efficiently manage multiple warehouse locations.

3PL billing automation solution customer portal by Avantiico

3PL Customer Portal

Included in the 3PL platform is a seamlessly integrated Customer Portal, which enhances customer service, communication, and insights for a 3PL company’s diverse clientele. It offers features such as displaying customer invoices, around-the-clock support, and streamlined onboarding for new team members. This 3PL software platform enables third-party logistics providers to access open invoices, verify provided goods and third-party logistics services, and address credit memo disputes. The Portal elevates the overall customer experience, delivers real-time information, and fosters enhanced communication channels with clients, embodying the characteristics of 3PL software comes with an excellent customer relationship management component.

Freight Reconcilation

3PL providers can now intelligently cross-reference and validate freight data among carriers, 3PL providers, and customers, significantly enhancing the traditional Freight Reconciliation module, which typically only involves carriers and 3PL providers. This three-way matching functionality automatically processes carrier invoices in various formats (Excel, CSV, EDI) from major carriers (DHL, UPS, and FedEx) alongside data from the internal Transportation Management System (TMS), a software that enables seamless identification and resolution of discrepancies. By streamlining and automating the freight reconciliation process, this feature reduces manual work, saves time, and has the potential to reduce overall freight expenses while opening up new avenues for revenue. This accounting software integration ensures that third party logistics operations are more efficient than ever.

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