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When large quantities of goods need to be housed and moved domestically and internationally, many different parts of the supply chain need to remain in sync. Through unification of data and real-time information sharing between departments and organizations, Dynamics 365 offers the most comprehensive logistics software options available. Using a full suite of Microsoft warehousing and distribution software gives a competitive edge to companies with complex supply chains and warehousing processes.

Upgrade Your Operations With Microsoft Cloud Solutions

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4 Reasons to Manage Warehousing and Distribution With Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Automation and Systemization

Software and Data Unification

Intelligent Direction of People

Agility and Efficiency-Driving Tools

Systemization and Automation of Warehousing Processes

A Dynamics 365 implementation can help automate processes to make your warehousing more efficient. Warehouse management software can help managers keep track of inventory and use data to simplify picking, packing, and kitting for your employees. By collecting data on inventory locations, WMS can plan routes for warehouse employees to find products in the quickest way possible. To address this need, wave picking is supported within Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain. Once items are found they must then be packaged and kitted into the most economical units to be shipped. 


Automation can be employed to initiate a set of actions when an order is placed. These can be by customer subscription or on an individual order basis but through Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain, as soon as an order is placed, workers can be notified and given directions without manager involvement. Intelligent staff direction is a key value a proposition for Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain.

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Supply Chain Warehouse

Unification of Supply Chain Operations

It is a common mistake in logistics for companies to purchase tools from several different independent software vendors. These can all be individually top-notch but when used in tandem cause your operations to become disjointed. If software is not inherently compatible, it will lead to issues with information sharing and lead to time-wasting and additional costs around gathering information from other departments and customers. This is a key value proposition for Microsoft warehousing and distribution software.


It is important to make sure all arms of your business are working with a single version of the truth by unifying data on Dataverse. Consequently, real-time solutions where customer invoicing and internal finances are always synchronized are essential. Workflows in Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain can be introduced to automatically notify all necessary parties when new information arises and withhold unnecessary information from certain parties. This vastly cuts number of emails sent, phone calls, and time spent gathering information that already exists somewhere in your system.

Your customers need to be in line with your business as well, for this reason, portal creation through Power Apps Portals are a worthwhile investment. Empowering your customers to create orders without customer service intervention is a massive saver of human capital.

The Landed Cost Module for Global Business

Distributers and warehouses that deal with importing are exposed to unique circumstances. Tariffs, long leads times, and expensive transportation all complicate the logistics process. For this reason, Microsoft has introduced the Landed Cost Module as part of Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain.


Finance and supply chain software is a necessity for international shipping. The added costs of importing and complications of regulations are better handled by sophisticated software solutions, even for highly variable operations. In this respect, the Landed Cost Module is accommodating, as it provides unprecedented visibility throughout the importing process. The tool allows for estimate creation for landed costs and automatically updates them when the actual invoices are received, reducing data input. This function facilitates information sharing for all parties, sharply reducing the possibility of unforeseen costs and issues.

Shipping Containers used for importing
Plane and boats for international shipping

Microsoft and Avantiico Commitment to the Logistics Space

Microsoft has been producing software used in logistics for two decades, constantly improving their services to meet the needs of the ever-changing global landscape. With tools  that are dedicated to or applicable to the industry, Microsoft has shown their ability to make their offerings work specifically for companies involved in logistics. They are continually strengthening offerings with new features such as the Landed Cost Module in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain for international shipping.


Avantiico’s in-house team have extensive knowledge and decades of cumulative experience with Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX for warehousing and distribution. This dedication has driven Avantiico experts to develop custom solutions that can be added into Dynamics 365. 

Additional Microsoft Tools

Dynamics 365 Warehouse Mobile App: Perform essential warehouse processes such as picking, receiving, transfers, and other organizational tasks remotely, increasing agility and versatility of warehouse management.


Power BI: Historical data can be analyzed to help prepare your business for fluctuations and shocks. Through data, your managers can make stocking decisions based on trends that your business has seen before. Whether this relates to seasonal fluctuations, or predictable customer needs, data analytics through applications such as Power BI can revolutionize preparedness. 


Power Apps Portals: Your customers need to be in line with your business as well, for this reason customer portal creation through Power Apps Portals are worthwhile investments. Empowering your customers to create orders without customer service intervention is a massive saver of human capital. 

Dynamics 365 Warehouse management mobile app

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