Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upgrade Assessment

Are you evaluating options for an upgrade to Dynamics 365? Trying to learn how a move from AX to Dynamics 365 can help your business? Lack a clear Dynamics 365 migration plan and project cost estimates?

Get the help your team needs with a D365 Upgrade Assessment Service from Avantiico. Your team gets help evaluating all relevant Dynamics 365 apps and business processes critical to your operations. Build a migration plan and a Dynamics 365 upgrade estimate based on your situation. Start your Dynamics 365 assessment and prepare for a well-planned transition.

Ready for the D365 upgrade, but not sure how to start?

With many new capabilities and new Dynamics 365 applications to choose from across Sales, Customer Service, Portals, Supply Chain, and more, start your Dynamics 365 assessment with an overview and focus on relevant capabilities. Perhaps your team is just starting to define your vision for a new Dynamics 365 platform and applications to replace? Maybe you are further on your upgrade journey? No matter your starting point, your tailored 365 Upgrade Assessment helps your team focus on the Dynamics 365 apps that matter, including features of Dynamics 365 that offer customization and scalability.

A dedicated team of Microsoft solution architects helps your organization assess your business needs and evaluate Dynamics 365 applications relevant to your broader business needs. Using 365 feature exploration, demos, and business scenarios, your upgrade options turn into an actionable Dynamics 365 upgrade plan. This process highlights the benefits of Dynamics 365, offering integration and enhancement opportunities.

With digital transformation impacting all industries, your D365 upgrade assessment is a great opportunity for rethinking existing systems, solutions, and upgrade processes in an effort to implement new strategies, stay competitive, and ensure security and compliance. Avantiico teams help your organization explore what is possible with the new features, ensuring your ERP system and business applications are optimized.
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Review Microsoft Dynamics 365 Applications

The Avantiico team helps you review and assess new Dynamics 365 applications relevant to your business. Short-list the right solutions.
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Understand Microsoft Dynamics AX Upgrade Options

Using a solution review and assessment of your starting point, get your upgrade options for Dynamics 365.

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Build a Detailed & Actionable Plan

With the help of the Avantiico team, your organization will leave the assessment with an overview of a timetable, cost and business benefits.

Your 365 Upgrade Review helps answer:

The Value of Reviewing Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Applications

Start your journey with a strong foundation focused on assessing Dynamics 365 applications. Equipped with a strong future vision, Avantiico will map solutions from the full Microsoft ecosystem to support your organization’s strategic goals. From Dynamics ERP, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Machine Learning, Virtual Agents, AI, and more, we understand that the range of technology choices can be overwhelming. Dynamics 365 allows organizations to streamline business operations and achieve cost savings.

Envisioning workshops allows businesses and workshop facilitators to explore the current state of the organization, dig deeper into the business strategy, assess existing technical assets, and interview the key stakeholders of the business. With Avantiico’s help, you’ll define the future state of your business and prioritize the applications that matter most to your team. Together we will:

Build A Plan

Avantiico uses the Planning phase to build a compelling case for change by reviewing previously discussed business and technological impacts. During this phase, we will quantify the return on investment (ROI), the benefits of making a move, as well as the cost and timeline associated with the upgrade to Dynamics 365. This phase allows your business to align technology investments to your most important business goals, leveraging best practices for migration processes from Dynamic AX 2012 to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (Dynamics 365 F&O).

As a Microsoft Partner, Avantiico provides technical support and ensures the accessibility of Dynamics 365 solutions. Our expertise in current Dynamics applications helps businesses create cost-effective strategies. Embrace the latest features and the benefits of Dynamics 365 offer, enhancing your business operations with Microsoft Dynamics Solutions.

Outputs of the Planning Phase

Build confidence in technology options and choices by validating benefits through a detailed Planning phase. Receive a comprehensive assessment of potential investments and benefits before committing to specific technologies.

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