License Plates and Warehouse Management in Dynamics AX 2012R3 Series 1

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License Plates and Warehouse Management in Dynamics AX 2012r3 Series 1

License plating was introduced in Microsoft AX 2012 R3 and has since benefitted from expanded functionality in subsequent cumulative updates.  Here we’ll be showing off some of that functionality in Microsoft’s newest release of dynamics, Dynamics 365 for Operations.  For this walk-through we will be utilizing the new Dynamics 365 for Operations – Warehousing app available in the Microsoft store.  The app requires Windows 10, as well as some technical setup so work with your system administrator to get it configured.

Mixed license plate receiving was added in Microsoft AX 2012 R3 CU11 and allows the warehouse employee to receive multiple different items from different purchase orders on the same license plate without previously receiving an ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice) from the vendor.  It allows your employee to build the license plate from whatever purchase order lines are available for receiving.  You can then move the mixed pallet to another location for put-away.  Normal location directives will kick in for the put-away work.

First let’s discuss some of the setups necessary for mixed license plate receiving.

There are two work creation processes that allow for mixed license plate receiving they are:

  • Mixed license plate receiving
  • Mixed license plate receiving and put away

The mixed license plate receiving work creation process allows you to build a license plate and when complete, will move the license plate to your designated receiving area.  Work will then be created for put away and your employee will use a normal purchase put away menu item to complete it. Whereas the mixed license plate receiving and put away process will automatically move to process that put away work after the license plate is completed.

In addition to the work creation process we must specify the source document line identification.  The options available to us are:

  • Purchase order item receiving
  • Purchase order line receiving
  • Load item receiving
Mobile device menu dynamics ax

This will determine the flow the menu item will use when building the license pallet.  When selecting purchase order line receiving, the mobile device will prompt the user for the purchase order and the line to receive against.  For purchase order item receiving, the mobile device will prompt the user for the purchase order and the item number.  It is important to note when using purchase order item receiving if multiple lines with the same item are on the purchase order when you identify that item it will pinpoint the first line with that item and receive against that line.  Finally, when using load item receiving, the mobile device will prompt the user for a load number and receive based on item numbers.  The same note regarding multiple lines of the same item applies here as well.

In addition to these setups, you also have the option to apply a work template (for more information see this blog related work templates), prompt the user for a disposition or batch disposition code, as well as require the user to select a container type if your company is using that functionality.

Once the menu item setup is completed and added to the menu structure we can move to process a receipt.  In this example imagine we purchase each of two different items from multiple vendors.  As we receive and put away these items the warehouse employee isn’t concerned about which vendor these came from but rather how to efficiently receive and put away the items together.  We will a receive a pallet with two different items from two different purchase orders and allow our warehouse employee to build the license plate which will be moved to the receiving location ready for put away.

First the employee will select our new menu item.

Warehousing application screenshot

Next the employee will enter a license plate number to use for this receipt.  It is important to note that automatic generation of license plates is not supported but the employee may enter any alphanumeric string that is not currently being utilized as a license plate.

Warehousing application screenshot

Since our menu item is using the source document line identification of purchase order line receiving the flow will prompt the user for a purchase order number.

Warehousing application screenshot

Once validated the flow will prompt for a purchase order line.  When using this flow, it would be important for the user to have access to a receipt list or copy of the purchase order to determine the line number.

Mixed LP Receiving application screenshot

The flow will then ask for the quantity being received.  The system will enforce normal overdelivery parameters here.  The user clicks on the check mark.

Mixed LP Receiving application screenshot

The user will then select the unit of measure being received and clicks on the check mark.  The user is then brought back to the line number screen ready to receive more items against this purchase order.  If the user chooses he/she can click on the menu dropdown in the upper right hand corner and see a variety of options.  The user can continue to receive against this purchase order, complete the license plate, show a current list of items on the license plate, or change the purchase order being received against.  First we’ll take a look at the list of items on this license plate by clicking on Show list.

Mixed LP Receiving application screenshot

Notice the user has an option to modify any current quantities on this license plate by clicking on the menu in the upper right again.  We will return to the previous screen by clicking on the check mark.

Mixed LP Receiving application screenshot

In this example we will be receiving an additional line of items but from a different purchase order.  The user will select Change PONum.

Mixed LP Receiving application screenshot

The user will enter the new purchase order number and click on OK.  The user will enter the line number and quantity being received and click on OK.

At this point our license plate is complete.  The user can look at a current list of items on the license plate by clicking on Show list.

Mixed LP Receiving application screenshot

When satisfied, the user will click on LP Complete.  At this point is work is generated for the put away, if the menu item was using the work creation process of Mixed license plate receiving and put away then the flow would automatically begin the put away work.

Microsoft has also included a new inquiry named Mixed license plate receiving located in the warehouse management module.  This inquiry will allow a user to view current mixed license plates that are being built.  As long as the warehouse user is not currently in the record in the mobile device, you have the option to modify the license plate or even complete it through this inquiry.  You may also view all completed mixed license plates by enabling the Show completed license plates checkbox.  Keep in mind these cannot be edited as the license plate and associated work has already been created.

mixed license plate in Dynamics AX

Hopefully this look into mixed license plate receiving has demonstrated the convenience and power of this new menu item.  There is a bevy of other improvements to license plating that have come out in recent cumulative updates.  This functionality and more are incorporated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations which is available now.


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