5 Quick User Tips and Tricks for Dynamics AX 2012

Cindy Scott

Cindy Scott

The Microsoft Dynamics AX/D365 Support Team at Avantiico is focused on solving our client’s problems, from daily issues to large and more complex problems. Cindy is a true AX veteran and hold 20 years dedicated Senior Consulting experiences for Microsoft Dynamics AX Software.

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Tip #1: Ave Report Queries for Common Report Selections

Often a single report is run multiple different ways by a user. AX 2012 allows the user to save the report queries so the next time the report needs to be generated for a specific query the user can select the saved query rather than re-enter the tables, fields, and selection criteria.

* Note that this functionality is user specific and not a global change.

To save a report query, do the following:

From the report being generated, after clicking on the Select button and entering the selection criteria, click on the Modify button→ Save as:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 personalize forms
Figure 1 – Save a report query

Give the report query a name then click OK.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 personalize forms
Figure 2 – Give the report query a name

In the future when generating the report, even after running for different criteria, the user can retrieve the saved query. This can be done by clicking on the Select button then selecting the saved query from the Select query lookup.

Purchase orders in Dynamics 365
Figure 3 – Select the saved query when the report is generated at a later time

The selected tables, fields and selection criteria will populate from the saved query:

Purchase orders in Dynamics 365
Figure 4 – Criteria populates from selected saved query

Tip #2: Personalize the Status Bar to Add or Remove Fields​

Accounts receivable Microsoft Dynamics 365
Figure 5 – Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Status bar

Go to File→ Tools→ Options

Accounts receivable Microsoft Dynamics 365
Figure 6 – File, Tools, Options

Click on the Status bar link then mark the checkboxes for the fields to see on the Status bar.

* Note that the selections are user specific, not global changes.

How to setup the appearance in Dynamics 365
Figure 7 – Status bar options

Click on the Close button then view the Status bar for changes made.

Tip #3: Perform Simple Math Calculations (+, -, *, /) in a Numeric Fields in Forms

In the screenshot below, “90+2000” has been entered in the journal line Credit field.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation customer payment
Figure 8 – Enter calculation in a numeric field

After tabbing out of the field, AX has performed the calculation and saved the value as 2,090:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation customer payment
Figure 9 – View the sum calculated after tabbing out of field

Tip #4: Use the Shortcut CTRL + T to Export a Form to Excel.

That’s it for Tip #4!

Tip #5: Use Question Marks (?) in Filtering and Querying Fields to Search for the Exact Amount of Unknown Characters.​​

In the below screenshot, seven question marks (???????) have been entered in the Customer account query field. AX searches for and returns all Customer accounts with exactly 7 characters.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation Accounts receivable
Figure 10 – Example showing a query for exactly seven unknown characters

For additional advanced filtering and querying options please visit this Technet link.

Did these tips help achieve the results you were expecting? Do you have any tips to add? Write a comment below and let us know!


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