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Bring a co-worker and join us in person in mid-March in Irvine or La Jolla, CA, for a half-day of customer-focused presentations, tailored Microsoft D365 Finance solution demonstrations, and business improvement inspiration at this finance-focused Dynamics Day 2024. 

Seasoned industry experts and Microsoft specialists will share examples and deliver curated industry scenarios highlighting the new generation of Microsoft D365 Finance solutions. Come and learn about the endless opportunities for you to evolve your business in the cloud. Learn about the Data Migration Accelerator and the Advanced Multi-Company Solution – Avantiico’s ISV solutions for automating data migration and multi-company financial management.

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Why Join Dynamics Day

The way we do business has fundamentally changed. New business models are disrupting the way most companies sell products and services, blurring industry lines and transforming customer and vendor expectations.

Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management can help you optimize accounting and financial management functions as well as end-to-end supply chain operations. Next generation business applications helps you create a resilient organization that thrives even in the face of high inflation and supply chain disruptions.

Improve financial agility and performance, operational proficiency, and project-centric services success by making timely decisions using comprehensive, real-time reporting, embedded analytics, automation and AI-driven insights. Confidently move to the cloud to optimize digital business processes and unlock the insights needed to adapt faster, work smarter, and perform better.

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Event Locations

Below are the locations for both events. 

La Jolla, CA | March 12th, 2024

Irvine, CA | March 14th, 2024

Dynamics Day Event Sessions

La Jolla, CA - March 12th | Irvine CA - March 14th

Event Duration: 8 am – noon

Overview of the day’s sessions: Meet our team and discover how we work, serve our customers, and collaborate with vendors and partners to deliver the best experience with modern Microsoft and Microsoft ISV solutions.

Discover the power of The Data Migration Accelerator (DMA) by Avantiico, a robust solution designed to streamline your data migration process. Transfer of data from various systems like NetSuite, SAP, QuickBooks, Dynamics GP, and Dynamics AX, ensuring a smooth transition with easy error detection and batch file imports.

Discover how to use The Advanced Multi-Company Solution (AMCS) by Avantiico to streamline file-based integrations and automate journal processing, group allocations, and more. This session will feature global reporting and inquiry functionality to ensure your team can manage groups of companies together rather than in silos.

Learn how D365 Finance automates and streamlines your accounts payable processes, from enhancing invoice accuracy to expediting payments. Delve into the advanced OCR technology that converts documents into editable data, reducing processing times and errors.

Explore the synergy of Copilot with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance. This integration brings AI-driven efficiency to financial operations, enhancing user productivity through a range of capabilities. Learn how Copilot in Dynamics 365 Finance aids in simplifying complex tasks, from data summarization to email drafting and more.

This powerful feature streamlines credit management and automates collections processes, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in managing receivables. In addition, D365 leverages advanced analytics for risk assessment, automates payment reminders, and provides actionable insights for effective decision-making in credit control.

Explore Dynamics 365 Finance’s Subscription Billing and Revenue Recognition module for managing subscription-based revenue and billing, with streamlined recurring contract billing, revenue and expense deferrals, and international accounting compliance.

Discover how Dynamics 365 Finance simplifies the process of acquiring, depreciating, and disposing of fixed assets. Learn about the setup of fixed asset groups, fixed asset books, depreciation profiles, and posting profiles for fixed asset management. We’ll discuss common fixed asset transaction types, scenarios and reports.

Featured Speakers

D365 Finance Solution Architect

D365 Finance Solution Architect

D365 Finance Solution Architect

Engagement manager

Engagement manager

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Business Themes Covered

At Dynamics Day 2024, you can expect keynote sessions on the following D365 Finance modules and Avantiico ISV solutions. 

D365 Finance Automation ISV Solutions | DMA & AMCS

The Data Migration Accelerator: drastically reduces data migration time and efforts, ensuring streamlined migration to D365.
The Advanced Multi-Company Solution: enables global reporting and streamlined file-based integrations, automated journal processing, group allocations, and more.

AP Automation + OCR in Microsoft D365 Finance

AP Automation + OCR

Discover how AP Automation and OCR in Dynamics 365 Finance revolutionize accounts payable processes by enhancing invoice accuracy and expediting payments while integrating cutting-edge OCR technology.

Credit and Collections Automation

Explore the advantages of Dynamics 365 Credit and Collections Automation in streamlining credit management and automating collections, utilizing advanced analytics for risk assessment and improved financial decision-making.

Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot

Experience the integration of Copilot with Dynamics 365 Finance, enhancing financial operations with AI-driven efficiency, from simplifying tasks to creating intuitive Power BI dashboards and predictive analytics.

D365 Finance Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets

Dive into managing fixed assets with Dynamics 365 Finance, covering acquisition, depreciation, and disposal processes, and discover efficient setup and integration with the general ledger for optimal financial management.

Microsoft D365 Finance Subscription Billing

Subscription Billing & Revenue Recognition

Uncover the intricacies of Dynamics 365 Finance's Subscription Billing and Revenue Recognition module, offering solutions for managing subscription-based revenue and billing, compliance with international standards, and handling complex pricing models.

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