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Our Remote Culture

Avantiico is passionate about helping employees, contractors and clients to achieve their very best. For this reason, Avantiico is dedicated to creating an enriching remote culture that benefits all. This is achieved through integrated productivity tools, enhanced virtual communications, and strong internal and external connections.


Avantiico believes in the power of virtual and in-person connections and is dedicated to enabling a flexible lifestyle for its employees. It is Avantiico’s mission to empower their employees through a variety of collaborative company opportunities and resources. This includes providing a strong remote work culture that aligns with current and real-world expectations that allows you to establish a work environment that you thrive best in.

Features to a Successful
Remote Environment

Avantiico’s remote culture contain several features, ranging from connectivity to learning opportunities, alongside employee resources and professional development.


At Avantiico you can expect:
• Thorough remote onboarding
• A peer-buddy, and mentor
• Employee resource communities, groups and platforms
• Collaborative and independent learning and development platforms
• Lifestyle flexibility – remote work opportunities, and low travel commitments
• A customizable work from home environment using a home office stipend
• Access to WeWork locations – for those times when you need to get out of the house

Driving a Remote Work Culture

Staying up-to-date and connected is a vital part of the remote workplace today. Avantiico, as a Microsoft Gold Partner, utilizes the Microsoft Office Suite to maximize collaboration and innovation daily.


Avantiico also drives cultural and professional initiatives through in-person company events, alongside the connections and events with the Microsoft Partner network. It is our goal to provide our employees with access to remote learning opportunities through internal learning management systems and broader online industry events.


At Avantiico we aim to provide a versatile and adaptable remote work culture that can be suited to our employees’ needs.

Avantiico Event in Playa Vista microsoft

Driving a Remote Work Culture

Yes. Avantiico has a home office allowance so everyone can customize their work from home environment.  .

Avantiico uses the Microsoft Office suite daily to connect with clients and team members. Features of the productivity suite include the integration of Teams with Yammer and Karma, where we can engage companywide through community posts, polls, and shout-outs.  


Karma allows us to celebrate our daily and weekly successes and reward our peers for hard work or a job well done. Other forms of team building, and bond forming are also encouraged through Teams chat, to drive one-on-one and group conversations or a good laugh using GIPHY for a good meme or GIF.  

Avantiico, as a Microsoft Gold Partner, partake in, and facilitate Microsoft Industry events.  


At Avantiico there are internal, monthly social virtual events, a monthly newsletter to provide updates across the organization that serves to highlight upcoming events, exciting news, and community events.

Avantiico remote resources include learning and professional resources through SharePoint, and a learning management system. We also have a robust onboarding process that ensures you are connected from day one. 

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