A Day in the Life: The Strategic Role of a Dynamics 365 Project Manager in Business Transformation

This blog post delves into the strategic role of Dynamics 365 project managers, highlighting their responsibilities and daily tasks, including project planning, team coordination, stakeholder management, progress monitoring, change management, and continuous improvement.

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A Microsoft Dynamics 365 project manager plays a crucial role in the success of every business transformation journey. They take on a complex and challenging endeavor amidst the intricacies of reevaluating current processes, implementing new technology, and managing multiple stakeholders. In this blog, we will uncover the key responsibilities and examine a day in the life of a Dynamics 365 project manager as they take on a strategic role in helping shape the future of organizations with Dynamics 365.

Who are Dynamics 365 Project Managers?

A Microsoft Dynamics 365 project manager is one of the professionals who play a critical role in working with clients and stakeholders during the implementation of a Dynamics 365 solution. They possess diverse skill sets and use their project management skills to oversee an implementation project from start to finish. They take the lead in identifying goals, needs, and scope; and ensuring that a project is executed and completed within the agreed timeline and budget. Dynamics 365 project managers can be employed at a Microsoft solution partner where they work with the client – such as C-level executives, internal project managers, and other stakeholders – as well as their own partner team members in carrying out solutions for the customer’s specific needs. They may also be employed as an internal project manager at a company where they utilize the same collaboration and project management skills to work with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner in implementing solutions for the organization.

Dynamics 365 project managers usually handle multiple projects. In a 2021 Project  Management report, 59% of project managers surveyed stated that they are handling between 2 and 5 projects at once. They take on a big challenge as not one project is the same, and their tasks, priorities, and availability of resources may constantly change.

What are the daily tasks of a Dynamics 365 Project Manager?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 project managers use their organizational skills to prioritize tasks at the start of every day. Their morning routine sets the stage for a productive day. These tasks could take in the form of sorting through emails from clients, team members, and stakeholders and checking on the status and progress of ongoing projects through project management tools to ensure that timelines and deliverables remain on track. This information at the start of every day helps them prepare for any team meetings or client engagements.

Having a thorough project plan is very important in Microsoft Dynamics project management. To do this, Dynamics 365 project managers attend regular meetings with stakeholders, including executives, department leads, technical and functional consultants, or other subject matter experts, to properly define project goals and objectives. It is important for Dynamics 365 project managers to understand the organization’s vision and requirements to develop a comprehensive project plan with their team that outlines the necessary steps, timelines, and resource allocation specific to each project’s success.

In addition, Dynamics 365 project managers also take the lead in analyzing the project landscape to identify potential risks and challenges that may arise. They work with their team to craft effective mitigation strategies when they identify these risks to make a smoother transformation journey.
A Dynamics 365 project manager thrives in collaboration and communication, as they understand that these skills play a critical role in project success. They lead a cross-functional team of developers and consultants, bringing together diverse skill sets and expertise. To do this, they schedule regular team meetings and keep open lines of communication to make sure that goals and milestones are aligned and the project is on track. By serving as a bridge between technical experts and business stakeholders, Dynamics 365 project managers foster collaboration and exemplify excellent communication to translate requirements effectively and facilitate shared understanding. They ensure that they are able to convey complex information in a clear and concise way so that everyone is on the same page whether it be on the client side or the partner side.
Aside from their own team collaboration, Dynamics 365 project managers also invest their time and effort in building and maintaining relationships with key project stakeholders, such as executives, department heads, and end-users. Active engagement with their stakeholders helps them to gather valuable insights, requirements, and feedback that help align the needs and expectations of the project. With this, they schedule and attend stakeholder meetings and workshops where there is an avenue for ideas to be shared or challenges to be addressed timely. They act as a trusted advisor in guiding stakeholders throughout their digital transformation journey, managing their expectations, and providing regular progress updates.
Providing regular progress updates to stakeholders means that monitoring and controlling project progress is a responsibility that Dynamics 365 project managers take on a daily basis. This is important in tracking project milestones, deliverables, and budgets through regular status meetings and progress reporting. They help provide the team with a comprehensive view of the project’s development. Along with this, they analyze data and promptly implement actions to mitigate risks if needed. They also keep an eye on the budget as well as resource utilization to ensure that their team members’ skills and expertise are efficiently and optimally used.
In addition, Dynamics 365 project managers use their problem-solving skills when there are project challenges. Since they proactively identify issues, they leverage their analytical and critical thinking skills to plan and develop solutions to these risks. They may also take the lead in managing any client escalations and filling their team in on information and issues they need to address promptly in order to maintain project momentum
Successful business transformations are not solely reliant on implementing new technology but also on driving effective change management and user adoption. The Dynamics 365 project manager knows that there will always be resistance to change, and they take on a proactive approach with this in mind. They coordinate with different team members in helping implement change management strategies that foster user engagement and lessen resistance towards change. They may do this through assisting comprehensive user training programs and communication initiatives to ensure that the employees in the middle of change are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge in Dynamics 365. They also listen to concerns and feedback and work with the Support team in giving ample guidance throughout the adoption process to enable the organization to reap the full benefits of the system.

Dynamics 365 project managers may also collaborate with other Microsoft Solution Partners when working as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for Dynamics 365. When partners work with ISVs, they are able to offer greater end-to-end solutioning to align with the customer’s business and transformation goals, thus creating better customer success. By doing this, partners can expand their service offerings, deliver enhanced customer value, gain a competitive edge, unlock net new business opportunities, and benefit from comprehensive support. Dynamics 365 project managers generously share their skills and expertise in collaboration with consulting delivery and support teams to implement ISV solutions for partners and their customers.

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Dynamics 365 project managers are always at the center of change. Therefore, they are characterized by a commitment to continuous improvement. When completing a project, they take the time to evaluate the outcomes and reflect on the process. In analyzing their insights and lessons learned throughout the process, they are able to analyze project success and identify areas for improvement to document. These are valuable resources for future projects that will allow them to refine project management processes and methodologies, including ERP software selection and supply chain management solutions.

They ask for feedback from their team members, clients, stakeholders, and end-users that they use to enhance future project outcomes. Incorporating a growth mindset and a value for continuous improvement, Dynamics 365 project managers ensure that their projects serve as an opportunity for growth and optimization, not just contributing to the overall business transformation success but also to their own professional development.
As the day concludes, Dynamics 365 project managers wrap up and reflect on the progress of each project by reviewing any completed tasks and checking if project milestones and deliverables are worked on. They reflect on any challenges encountered throughout the day and how they were addressed. They coordinate with their team members for any dependencies or follow-ups that need to be done. They also reflect on any necessary adjustments to the project plan and set priorities to prepare for the next day.


To be an effective Dynamics 365 project manager requires hard work and dedication as they play a strategic role in ERP implementations. To do their role in effectively driving projects forward, some of the daily responsibilities they work on are to provide effective team coordination and communication, regular alignment with stakeholders, monitor project progress, and mitigate risks. They also use their skills in change management to guide and educate individuals. At the end of a project, they reflect on procedures and processes they can use or refine for future projects. Combining their project management expertise with a strategic mindset, Dynamics 365 project managers help organizations throughout their digital transformation journey.

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