What is Dynamics 365 Project Operations?

Learn more about how Dynamics 365 Project Operations can assist you before, during, and after the project lifecycle. 

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Making clients happy is essential for the success of a project-focused service provider. Making sure all needs are met is one of the easiest ways to ensure overall client satisfaction. Whether it is full transparency, low costs, or good time management, clients will always have a complex set of needs. After an organization reaches a particular level of advancement, it makes perfect sense to utilize a Professional Services Automation (PSA) software. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations is a comprehensive PSA software for client relationships. Since the data is stored under one roof, you can develop, grow, analyze, and operate without having to transfer between systems, providing many benefits on each side. 

What is Dynamics 365 Project Operations?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations is an all-in-one project management and business solution. Released October 1st, 2020, D365 Project operations combines Project Online and Project Service Automation. With Project Operations, Microsoft’s goal was to offer back-end systems and software that could be used in harmony. Whether it’s project and resource management, or accounting and reporting, it incorporates all procedures of an organization into one system, improving workflows and increasing project predictability. Project Operations is also easy to integrate with other Dynamics 365 applications, making it the perfect solution for any organization that already has Dynamics 365 deployed.

Why is Dynamics 365 Project Operations Important?

With the help of this technology, a business can become more connected while completing projects through an ecosystem of tools. As mentioned in a case study about environmental consulting firm Klohn Crippen Berger (KCB), published by Microsoft, “One of the challenges that KCB had with its legacy system was that project managers didn’t consistently use it to plan and manage their projects. Project Operations turns project managers into active users, helping them create more accurate project plans and estimates and more seamlessly transition from sales or business development to project execution.” With Dynamics 365 Project Operations, every component of an organization will gain various functions that can satisfy their needs. Below are just a few examples:

Dynamics 365 Project Operations for Sales

Project Operations’ sales element enables sales teams to manage the whole project-based sales cycle. Sales opportunities can be generated in Project Operations and predictions for quoting can be established based on earlier projects, allowing for more accurate quotes for a client. This system allows for the sales team to have end-to-end Artificial Intelligence support.

Dynamics 365 Project Operations for Team Members

In order to improve communication and overall team efficiency, Project Operations can be integrated with Microsoft Teams, making time and expense management that much easier through desktop or mobile app. Project Operations allows team members to collaborate on projects while sustaining an up-to-date and accurate status of the project throughout all points. It also gives peace of mind that all collaboration is secure from any location.

Dynamics 365 Project Operations for Managers

It may be difficult for management to gather and analyze insights across multiple systems. With Dynamics 365 Project Operations, Microsoft Power BI makes it easy to see and monitor true market assessments and other KPIs on dashboards, such as resource use, forecasts, and budgets. It also helps managers comprehend the organization’s workflows in order to be ready and responsive to new opportunities.

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Features of Dynamics 365 Project Operations

The following features are available through Project Operations.

Opportunity Management

Dynamics 365 Project Operations helps management to understand the organization’s workflow, allowing for proper preparation and responses to new opportunities and use of project-based deal structures. Based on similar past projects, this tool gives insight into future opportunities, their expenses, and potential earnings. You can also connect Dynamics 365 Sales to integrate client data from multiple sources into a centralized location.

Dynamics 365 Project Management Opportunity Management Dashboard

Project Management

Project Operations is connected to Microsoft Project to improve the planning process from end-to-end. Sales and project managers can now work together seamlessly while receiving visualizations of the expense, timeframe, and value presented to the customer. It allows PMs to follow projects more effectively and drive teamwork with Microsoft Teams. Teams can come together through documenting discussions, exchanging data, and using applications throughout the entire lifespan the project.

Dynamics 365 Project Management Dashboard

Resource Management

With this feature, managers can make sure project teams have the necessary components to complete work effectively by keeping track of resource consumption and managing resource skills. Additionally, resource management can be optimized across multiple departments. This can be an overall benefit for time and cost.

Time and Expense Management

In order to maintain project budget within the work, Dynamics 365 Project Operations and Microsoft Teams allows team members to precisely track their project time and cost associated with deliverables from any device. Connecting with Microsoft Teams improves partnership and team communication within the organization.

Dynamics 265 Project Operations Time Entry Dashboard

Project Financials

Project managers can track, review, and authorize project-related expenses in Project Operations. Following the creation of an invoice that is communicated to the client, they can also manage the pricing and payment. Accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger functions can be added using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) with an external ERP system or integration with Dynamics 365 Finance.


Accurate analytics can be provided by interactive dashboards. Dashboards can be generated using the Dynamics 365 Finance integrations. Making action plans and figuring out how to implement AI findings can be facilitated by using Power BI and the integrations made possible by the power platform. Authentic analytics will enable proactive instead of reactive behavior within your organization.

Getting Started with Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Dynamics 365 Project Operations has the ability to implement with additional Dynamics 365 applications, third-party systems, or Microsoft apps as necessary. This system is a wonderful solution for organizations that have mature project management experience. Project Services Automation will eventually be terminated in October 2024, according to Microsoft, who claims that Dynamics 365 Project Operations is the gradual combination of PSA with Microsoft Project. By implementing Project Operations within your organization, it becomes a full service lifecycle. It may be helpful to utilize a Microsoft Partner. After the launch, a Microsoft partner can offer assistance or host training sessions for team members and managers. 

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Dynamics 365 Project Operations Pricing

According to Microsoft, Project Operations is currently priced at $120/month per user. See the screenshot below


In order to speed up project delivery and increase profitability, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations integrates sales, resourcing, project management, and finances into a single platform. With a comprehensive, end-to-end view throughout the project lifecycle, Project Operations offers insightful information on resource usage, accessibility, and tracks project spending and performance. With the help of a Microsoft Partner like Avantiico, your organization can gain the all support you need throughout the implementation and go-live. Schedule a free consultation today.

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Interested in seeing Dynamics 365 Project Operations as a solution? Book a complimentary demo with an Avantiico team member today.

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