Avantiico Website Redesign

Project Objectives & Goals:

Revamped Design

Our clients should be able to navigate our website easily and locate needed resources.

Increased Engagement

Turning our high-performing content into a community brings traffic to our website.

Focused Content

By providing updated product information, we will begin to gain better qualified traffic.

Establish Credibility

Our reputation in the industry matters to our employees, our clients and future candidates.

How You Can Help

Your contributive efforts matter to the future of our website and the future of our branding. In assessing the visitor flow and content analytics, Avantiico takes no pause in saying that the knowledge of our employees is the backbone of our current and future success. 

GIVE feedback

Please start by filling out the Website Feedback Survey below. 


Your expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 will help us support our clients.


Keep an eye out for imagery, conduct, and comments online that could impact us.

Website Feedback Survey

Please take a moment to go through this survey and answer each question with as much depth as time allows. We ask that you be specific in your comments to help us make adjustments as quickly as possible. Your honesty when providing feedback is valued and will ultimately help Avantiico continue in its success. We thank you for your time.

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