Career Positions at a Microsoft Partner Company

Learn about Microsoft Partners and the wide range of exciting careers that are available through them.

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What is a Microsoft Partner?

A Microsoft Partner is a company that has met the competency requirements set by Microsoft and demonstrated a specialized skill set provide a range of Microsoft-related products and services.

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What types of careers are there?

The diversity offered through the Microsoft Partner network, and the relationship these companies have with Microsoft means there are a multitude of career options and specializations available.  

Central Fields to Consider



Consultants are an integral part of the Microsoft ecosystem. Consultants work closely with clients to assess and advise on products and system solutions. 


A technical consultant is responsible for the development, implementation, and support of Microsoft products and applications. 


A functional consultant utilizes technical knowledge of Microsoft products and applications to provide comprehensive business solutions for clients with a strong emphasis on solution implementation.


A business consultant provides specialized guidance during the assessment of business requirements for clients and can be cross-functional in nature.

Solution Architect

Solution architects provide greater expert customer guidance. This position is considered an advanced consultant and leadership position. Solution Architects are responsible for implementing and leading higher-level system designs and overseeing project management and execution.

Management & Leadership


Depending on company size, leadership roles and responsibilities can be undertaken by senior employees and subject matter experts alongside their technical roles. Two pivotal management roles are Project Managers and Product Managers.

Project Manager

Project managers are an integral part of the implementation team as they work directly with clients, guiding internal and external teams during solution implementations.

Product Manager

Product managers are responsible for creating and overseeing a product strategy to develop a new product or improve an existing product.

Technical Positions


Technical roles are an integral part of software implementations. From driving constraints around solutions to solving complex scenarios, they act as an advisor to solution architects and functional consultants.


Analysts are responsible for assessing data, and monitoring program and system performance to identify challenges, test applications, and advise or create solutions.


Developers follow technical leads and provide comprehensive solutions by overseeing the full software lifecycle including implementation, maintenance, and support.


Engineers create the design and execute the construction of a program. They are responsible for testing and evaluating program performance, for assisting clients and partners with technical difficulties, and for configuring the infrastructure of a program to be successful.

Sales & Marketing


Marketing and Sales personnel drive a company’s customer engagement and facilitate broader reach for their company.


This is a cross-functional role at a Microsoft Partner that involves developing cross-product and platform strategies and creating campaigns to demonstrate Microsoft products and solutions.

Sales Personnel

This is a cross-functional position responsible for demonstrating products and assisting clients in navigating Microsoft licensing for solutions and facilitate the end-to-end customer acquisition process.

What does this mean when working at a Microsoft Partner?

The interplay of job roles and acquired skills withing the Microsoft ecosystem is flexible and ever-changing. You career at a Microsoft Partner does not have to be linear, and there are so many opportunities for career growth and in-depth knowledge acquisition.

How can Avantiico benefit your career?

Avantiico, as a Microsoft Gold Partner, has extensive industry experience and a strong relationship with Microsoft and other Microsoft Partners. Avantiico can provide you with the structure, expertise, and community necessary to expand your interests and skills to become a talented business professional.

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