Azure vs aws: cloud computing provider breakdown

Due to remote-working environments and ending support for on-premises infrastructure, the cloud has become a necessity for most businesses. Compare Azure versus AWS to help your business make an informed cloud migration decision.

Cost of the cloud vs on premise

The cloud eliminates a large portion of capital expenditure and lowers the financial burden on your business in other areas.

Cost of the cloud vs on premise

Sample expenditure over the course of 2 years with Azure vs on-premise. The cloud solution spend was about an eighth of the on-premise option.

Azure hybrid cloud infrastructure

Azure offers hybrid cloud solutions for businesses that prefer to keep their current on-premise datacenter. AWS is new to hybrid cloud and typically prefers clients migrate in one go.

Azure serves 58 regions with datacenters in 16 countries. While AWS has datacenters in 15 countries, they only serve 24 regions

Azure has a price match guarantee for comparable AWS services

Manage your Azure solutions using the Azure Portal

Utilizing Microsoft  learning materials, even citizen developers can learn to manage Azure instances

topics to consider before choosing your provider

1. Azure has superior hybrid cloud capabilities 2. Regional factors of datacenters 3. Unification of applications with Microsoft 4. Unification of support with Microsoft and partners 5. Security of your OS and applications 6. Migration compatibility

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