Public Displays of AX: Why ERP and the Public Sector Are A Perfect Match

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Public Displays of AX: Why ERP and the Public Sector Are A Perfect Match

Public sector entities are often thought of in completely separate terms than private ones. And rightly so, when we think in terms of who owns them, who they answer to, and how they’re funded.

But when one strips away the trading differences between the public and private sectors, government-run organizations begin to look quite similar to some of their enterprise-scale private counterparts. The public sector tracks innumerable amounts of global resources, undergoes incessant financial flux, and is supported by thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, of dynamic, wide-ranging employees.

With that all in mind, it makes sense that the public sector’s software capabilities be as dynamic as their duties are. With Dynamics AX, they can be. While ERP in the public sector isn’t a novel idea, governments are increasingly turning to software like Microsoft’s Dynamics AX to add new tools that help them take on the ever-changing challenges they face.

Be it big governments or small governments, state or local-level offices, here’s why the streamlined processes, greater insights, and detailed roadmaps of Dynamics AX are the perfect fit for publicly-held offices.

Insights Are A Government's Best Friend

Dynamics insights are conducive to everything public. They increase compliance by allowing users to identify problems quickly. They promote transparency by making financial reporting simple. They even forecast new opportunities for growth through demand planning. With powerful Dynamics Insights, a dashboard provides users with a bird’s eye view of their entire sector, which makes for an all-around better-operating public office.

Customizability Means Flexibility

Microsoft Dynamics AX is inherently adaptable. Armed with country-specific features such as multi-currency functionality, it is expertly designed with the versatility needed to meet any public office’s needs, no matter their location, while still maintaining the best practices of modern business resource planning.

The It Is 'Always On'

Dynamics AX is built on the expansive Microsoft software and infrastructure ecosystem. This means users can spend less time staffing complex IT teams and more time maximizing their existing IT investments.

When it comes to the public sector, this can be all the more important as a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) trickles down to benefit not just the office, but taxpayers as well. On top of that, productivity gains can quickly be seen after Dynamics implementations as the full slate of Microsoft technologies including Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft BizTalk Server become instantly compatible with reporting and other processes.

It's Secure

Dynamics AX in the public sector doesn’t just address the security standards of government holdings, it improves them. A Dynamics AX implementation helps to keep existing cleared personnel in charge of their incumbent tasks instead of requiring the outsourcing of positions to less-secure third parties.

AX also boasts a secure infrastructure that integrates Windows security authentication, secured servers, and active directory services for infrastructure and application security. Dynamics AX also uses a perimeter network with a firewall for all internet-facing enterprise portals.

It's Accessible As Ever

When information is more readily available everybody wins. With Dynamics AX, public servants can perform their duties at any time of the day, from any device with internet access. This means that less time is spent tracking down hard drives, routing hardcopy documents, and searching for specific devices to access information and more time is spent using that information in a productive manner.

Maybe just as important as increased access, however, is the role-specific access capabilities of the software which further bolster security. With Dynamics AX, managers can just as easily limit employees’ access to information based on their roles in a certain project, giving them a 24/7 top-down view of who is able to access what.

Its Scalability Is Invaluable

Dynamics AX grows with you. In the public sector, this means that the software will only grow as big as it needs to be to serve its constituency. This also means that from cities to counties to entire nations, Dynamics AX can be customized on a case-by-case basis and can be expanded with little to no growing pains when needed.

All in all, with Dynamics AX, the public sector becomes leaner but also better-suited to add computing power as public offices expand, ultimately serving their citizens as a lower cost and with greater effectiveness. As long as security, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency are top priorities, Microsoft Dynamics AX will continue to be just as valuable in the public sector as it always has been in the private.


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