Positive Pay Deprecation in F&O

This blog post covers the deprecation of the featuring supporting the current positive pay functionality for Dynamics 365 F&O. 

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Microsoft recently announced that the XSLT Scripting feature that supports the current positive pay functionality for Microsoft Dynamics 365 will be deprecated, starting with version 10.0.30. With this scripting feature gone, positive pay in D365 Finance will stop working as we know it. Fortunately, Microsoft has announced a more secure alternative that provides similar positive pay features.  

What is Positive Pay and Why Does It Matter?

Positive Pay, also known as SafePay, is a capability built into the Cash & Bank module of Dynamics 365 Finance. It’s used to produce a digital list of checks that a customer can provide to a bank at the time of printing, allowing the bank to compare any checks received against the list from Dynamics 365. If the check matches the list, it can proceed with the clearing process. However if there is no match, it can be held for further review.  

What's Changing With Positive Pay and Why?

The current out-of-the-box functionality in Finance & Operations relies on a feature called XSLT Scripting, which Microsoft has elected to deprecate (retire). The reason provided by Microsoft is to improve Security & Data Protection within the Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations apps. The timeline for the complete depreciation of the feature is Jan 31st, 2023, or with the 10.0.30 update, whichever comes first.  

If you are currently using the out-of-the-box positive pay functionality within Dynamics  it will no longer work after Jan 31st, 2023.  This deadline applies even if your organization previously received an exception/postponement from Microsoft for this feature depreciation. 

What Should I Do Now to Prepare?

Microsoft’s recommendation is to instead utilize the Electronic Reporting Functionality for Dynamics 365 Finance. This solution will need to be configured to work for positive pay.  

Because this feature is a vital part of many of our customers’ banking solutions, we at Avantiico have already begun advising our customers on using the electronic reporting functionality or alternative solutions. 

Closing & Next Steps

To recap, this feature will no longer function after Jan 31st, 2023, or after your organization applies the 10.0.30 update, whichever occurs first 

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