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About Flintfox

Flintfox International Ltd, headquartered in Auckland NZ, has been in business developing software for over 30 years. Flintfox is a Microsoft Dynamics System Integrator and Independent Software Vendor (ISV), specializing in pricing and trade management solutions for manufacturers, distributors and retailers around the world. Flintfox has a broad product and service portfolio the offer Enterprise companies. Their Trade Revenue Management and TRM Extreme product is offered to both Dynamics AX and 365. 

Complex pricing made easy

Taking global enterprises to new heights with Trade Revenue Management.


TRM Experts

It started in New Zealand where the idea of software to unlock a competitive edge for Trade Revenue Management was born.


Beyond software development, the team at Flintfox have Dynamics 365 consulting and implementation expertise to get your new solution up and running.


You’ll find us all around the world. United States, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Brazil, Singapore

Flintfox's Solutions

Partner Offerings

Trade Revenue Management

Flintfox provides Trade Revenue Management solution for resolving revenue challenges across the supply chain. TRM executes pricing, accounting for all factors that impact margin, where rebates, fees and other elements impacting margin are accrued for true reporting of margins and profitability. 

Revenue Management Extreme (RMx)

Flintfox provides the Revenue Management Extreme solution for hyper performance pricing in addition to the Trade Revenue Management capabilities. Flintfox RMx works with any ERP system. RMx manages pricing and rebates so that you will know your margin on every deal.

Professional Services

Flintfox delivery experts guide implementations to fully leverage price, promotion and rebate scenarios, to align the solution to meet business needs and optimize margins.

Flintfox provides on-going support and optimization services to keep TRM solutions providing continuous value.

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