New Features for Dynamics AX 2012 R3 in Cumulative Update 12

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Cumulative Update 12 (CU12) for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 was just released by Microsoft, and, in doing so, Microsoft has addressed a long list of customer requests with several new features.

Most of the changes were made in the warehouse management, transportation management, and retail areas of the product, and build upon the updates released in CU11 back in June.

Updates were also made to machine learning integration, BI, finance, human capital management, service industries, and public sector.  CU12 updates work in tandem with the intelligence-centric SQL Server 2016.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the biggest updates in CU12.

SQL 2016

SQL 2016 gives customers even more opportunity to drive business results with new technologies in tandem with CU12’s new features. SQL 2016 is a mission-critical business analytics and data management platform. It allows data to be secured and easy to manage. With data that’s always encrypted you can have greater confidence in the security of your data. End-to-end business intelligence and analytics bring your data to life with reports and visualizations. It puts the data you need in the hands of the people who need it with powerful business tools. Using predictive models from your data, you can better stock your inventory and understand your customers. Customers are able to choose to host on-premises, in the cloud, or both in a hybrid solution with SQL 2016.

CU12 Machine Learning Integration

Enhancements made to machine learning in CU12 enable integration between Microsoft Cognitive services and Dynamics AX. A new module, Cortana Intelligence services management, allows Dynamics AX 2012 customers to integrate to the Microsoft Cognitive services.

The intelligence recommends APIs right from within Dynamics AX without users having to learn data science or big data technologies. This module can be used to complete the following tasks:

  • Connect to your Cognitive services account from within AX
  • Upload data to the recommendations API
  • Trigger machine learning model creation
  • Manage machine learning models and builds

The new module also includes capabilities In data management model management, build management, and data entries.

CU12 BI Enhancements

CU12 for Dynamics AX 2012 R3 includes one hotfix introduced in Reporting Services 2016, which adds support for printing reports in HTML5 format, and requires Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services 2016.

CU12 Financial Enhancements

New features in finances in CU12  include visibility enhancements, invoice listing changes, sales and purchase order scheduling, and more.  All pending invoices are now included on the list page, regardless of save status, to ensure that Vendor Invoices appear on the Pending Invoices list page, even if you lose your connection to Application Object Server (AOS).

A hotfix now lets users recover invoices put into active status by users who are no longer signed in.

Functionality was added to the Create fixed asset proposals periodic process. A new field that is named Legal entities lets users select which legal entities to include in the depreciation run. This is especially helpful for organizations with multiple legal entities linked to common fixed assets.

CU12 Retail Enhancements

CU12 for Dynamics AX 2012 R3 includes several hotfixes in retail, such as enhancements to streamline refunds, gift card transactions, cash register procedures, and more.

A hotfix in the Modern Point of Sale (MPOS) allows retailers to refund shipping charges for returned items that were originally sold through a customer order transaction and shipped to the customer after the fact. Support was added to allow users to specify sales tax when gift cards are issued.

A register property was added to allow a cash drawer to be left open at the end of the day or between shifts to show that the register is empty. A new functionality also now enables customer orders and quotations to be saved when the MPOS system is offline, and then retrieved and submitted  when the system is back online. This functionality mirrors the hybrid solution many retailers are moving toward with Dynamics 365 [future link to hybrid solution blog].

CU12 Supply Chain Management Enhancements

Changes in supply chain management in CU12 will streamline bill of materials (BOM) planning, order planning, delivery, transportation, and more. In CU12, workers can now move inventory from a mobile device, even if work has been created against part or all of the quantity that must be moved

A hotfix adds support for showing inventory status during the creation of movement work in warehouse management demand planning (WMDP). You can also now create an invoice journal for a transfer order when freight is reconciled in the Transportation Management System (TMS).

Changes were also made to better plan purchase orders even when the material need for the order has not yet arrived. With a new option to search for purchase agreements, users can also now look for existing purchase agreements from the Dropship workbench form.

CU12 Public Sector Enhancements

Budget control account detail history reports now show correct values in the pre-encumbrance column, where previously they showed inaccurate values.

Also, a hotfix was added to generate a reduction to the carry-forward budget when a general budget reservation line is reduced.

Other CU12 Enhancements

Dozens of enhancements we did not mention were also made to these areas, as well as enhancements made to Human Capital Management, Service Industries, as well as country/region-specific updates.

View the full CU12 release here.

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