Microsoft Dynamics AX Support is Expiring

Microsoft Dynamics AX (and AXAPTA) Support is expiring for Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 and other Dynamics AX versions in 2021-2023. This blog covers tips on what your organization can do to stay supported on Dynamics and how to protect your Microsoft Dynamics AX license investments.

Morten Loegstrup

Morten Loegstrup

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Microsoft Dynamics AX (and AXAPTA) was replaced by Microsoft Dynamics AX7 (2016) and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations from July 2017 forward. The ongoing Dynamics 365 feature release schedule includes monthly updates and two annual major feature release waves. The next Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations 2019 release wave 2 covers feature improvements and is released in October 2019 (covering October-March 2020). See additional Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations 2019 release wave 2 documentation here Going forward the new features release model for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations changes Support and Lifecycle Management compared to the prior Microsoft Dynamics AX versions described below. 

Over the years various Dynamics AX versions have been released by Microsoft due to new Dynamics AX modules being added, AX user security improvements, better Dynamics AX performance, hotfixes and extended Microsoft support solutions etc.

If your organization is running on and supporting Microsoft Dynamics AX 4 RTM, AX4 SP1, AX 4 SP2, AX2009 RU1, AX2009 RU8, AX2009 RTM, AX2009 SP1, AX2012 RTM, AX2012 R2, AX2012 R3, these are all ending their support lifecycle and you should consider transition offers for moving to Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations. 

In this Microsoft Support Lifecyle blog you will get more knowledge about the Microsoft Dynamics product lifecycle polices for Microsoft as well as dates for Microsoft Mainstream and Microsoft Extended Support.

As a veteran Microsoft Dynamics support and implementation partner with strong ties to the San DiegoIrvine, Ventura and Los Angeles communities, Avantiico teams support many Microsoft Dynamics customers operating most versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

The support specialists in the Avantiico Support Team are frequently asked about Microsoft Dynamics support plans, support polices and product and Microsoft Dynamics license upgrades. So no matter if you are a manufacturing & distribution, professional service and public sector organization running an older version of Microsoft Dynamic AX, this blog about Microsoft support policies is relevant to you.

Dynamics AX Mainstream Support & Extended Support

When dealing with the Microsoft Dynamic AX Support lifecycle policies and application lifecycle management there two types of product support for Microsoft Dynamics AX: Microsoft Mainstream Product Support for Dynamics AX and Microsoft Extended support. 

For a full list of important Microsoft support dates for all versions of Dynamics AX 2012 R3, AX2012 R2, AX 2012 RTM, AX2009, Dynamics AX 4 please refer to the AX Support matrix here 


What Is Microsoft Mainstream Support?

Dynamics AX Mainstream Support covers the first phase of the product lifecycle. The Microsoft Dynamics product lifecycle starts the day of Microsoft’s first release date, also referred to by Microsoft as the general availability date. Over the course of the Microsoft mainstream product lifecycle for Microsoft Dynamics, your Dynamics version is fully supported by Microsoft which means Microosft is covering and relesing bugs fixes, hotfixes, adding new features to the DynamicsAX modules etc.  

For Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft in most cases end their support after five years of a new product release date. (see graph below for detailed explanation). Following the mainstream support phase, your Dynamics version can enter into the Extended Support lifecycle.

Dynamics AX Mainstream Support Policies

Microsoft will offer you:
  • Limited, but no charge Incident support for bugs
  • Regulatory updates
  • Security update support
  • Non-security hotfix support
  • Design Changes and Feature Requests
  • Self Service Support (Microsoft Knowledge Base & Microsoft Help & Support Site)
  • Paid Support options

Please note that your organization must maintain an active Microsoft Dynamics AX Enhancement Plan by paying your annual license plan to get access to the listed Microsoft mainstream support benefits. 

If you have questions regarding how your Microsoft Dynamics Enhancement Plan works, Dynamics AX Support policies, applicable Dynamics Enhancement Plan benefits and Microsoft Dynamics license assessment for your specific Microsoft Dynamics license options, please contact our Microsoft Support Team at

New Microsoft Dynamics licensing policies are published frequently to reflect the new product and Microsoft Cloud features. 

If you are trying to understand your Dynamics upgrade of an existing Dynamics AX solution and how you can stay supported on a new Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations solution, the Avantiico Cloud Architects Team can assist you, please contact us at  

Your team will receive a detailed Dynamics licensing assessment report including recommendations on how Microsoft Dynamics licensing optimizations for your organization.  

For the latest September 2019 Microsoft Dynamics licensing details regarding Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Licensing Guide, Dynamics 365 licensing cost, Dynamics 365 licensing pricing, Dynamics 365 licensing types, Dynamics 365 licensing changes, please refer to these Avantiico licensing blogs: 

10 Commonly Asked Questions: October 2019 Licensing Changes for Dynamics 365

What Is Microsoft Extended Support?

Microsoft Dynamics AX extended support is similar to Microsoft AX mainstream support and the supported period normally spans an additional five-year period to a total of 10 years. 

As a Microsoft Dynamics AX end user you have to be aware that the Extended Support will be limited. Over the course of Microsoft extended support you will not receive new functionalities for your Microsoft Dynamics solution. Extended Support will cover hotfixes and patches typically related to severe security issues discovered after mainstream support.

Dynamics AX Extended Support

  • Security related hotfix support
  • Self Service Support (Microsoft Knowledge Base & Microsoft Help & Support Site)
  • No further development support (unless a paid support agreement is purchased)
  • Paid Microsoft Support options

As listed above, please note that access to Microsoft Extended Support also requires your organization to maintain an active Dynamics AX enhancement plan. Please contact our Microsoft Support Team and Microsoft Licensing specialists at for advise and help related to Microsoft Mainstream Support.

Dynamics AX Support End Dates

What if my Dynamics AX is at the end of AX Support?

As an existing Microsoft Dynamics AX user you have a couple options when it comes to continued Microsoft ERP support solutions for your Dynamics AX installation.

Option 1: Get A Custom Dynamics AX Support Plan

Many organizations are successfully running older versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX. In parallel many are working on their Microsoft Dynamics 365 transition plans. 

At Avantiico we support large and smaller organizations running modified, stabile and high performing versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX with many hundreds of users. Many of these Dynamics AX installations are beyond Main and Extended Microsoft Support. With the right proactive Dynamics AX maintenance schedule and AX Support Plan, your team can stay productive on older versions of Dynamics AX while you plan your migration to Dynamics D365. A 6-12 or 24 month tailored Dynamics AX Support & Help Desk Plan based on your specific installation can help you extend the lifespan of your current Dynamics AX solution. 

The Avantiico Support Teams support organizations running all Dynamics versions listed in the matrix above from Dynamics AX4 to D365. Across all product versions including Microsoft Dynamics 365 users, the Avantiico teams support more than 12,000 Microsoft Dynamics users across 9 time zones. The Avantiico teams can also help your team if you have modified your Microsoft Dynamics solution and if your Dynamics AX installation contain Dynamics ISV solutions.

Option 2: Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations

If you are current on your Microsoft Dynamics AX Enhancement plan the best long-term solution for all expiring Dynamics AX support solutions is a transition to Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Deadline October 2019: Microsoft is currently offering existing Dynamics AX users like you, significant discounts on Microsoft Dynamics 365 licensing and users before October 2019.

Due to many older licensing policies individual licensing reviews are needed to offer the best recommendation. At Avantiico our Microsoft Cloud Architects and our Microsoft Licensing specialists provide you and your team with your tailored Dynamics 365 licensing pricing calculation based on the best Microsoft 365 licensing offers. If you need assistance feel free to contact us with questions at 

If your team has questions regarding Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations features as part of your Dynamics AX upgrade planning and Dynamics licensing migration, please contact our team here,  

Since the introduction of the new cloud based Microsoft Dynamics AX7 in 2016, Avantiico has delivered many presentations at Dynamics user group events, webinars and Avantiico Dynamics user events. If you want to learn more about how you can move from your current Microsoft Dynamics AX version to Microsoft Dynamics 365 take a look at the “How to upgrade to Microsoft 365” blog post.

If you have any questions about Microsoft Dynamics Support for Dynamics AX or Dynamics 365, Microsoft Support and Product Lifecycle or if we can help your team with information about Microsoft Dynamics 365 please contact our Microsoft Support team at If your have ideas for Microsoft Dynamics blogs feel free to suggest topics of interests.

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