Get the Microsoft Dynamics 365
Licensing Guide

Guide has been updated to reflect Microsoft's February 2020 edition

How You'll Benefit From the Guide

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 licensing guide from February 2020 will help your organization better understand Microsoft’s new Dynamics D365 licensing cost, Dynamics 365 licensing types and user types as well as deployment options relevant to your needs. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers modern, flexible and intelligent business applications that help you unify your CRM and ERP capabilities. Dynamics 365 houses applications for diverse business functionalities such as: Dynamics 365 for Sales, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, Dynamics 365 for Field Service, Dynamics 365 for Finance and Service Operations, Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation, and more. Feel free to reach out with questions relevant to your organization after downloading the new February 2020 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide.

Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide