Property Management

Centralize Accounting & Streamline Integrations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AMCS

Property management companies face complex financial accounting procedures and daily operational tasks across their organizations. Adding to these challenges are the varying business processes for day-to-days and maintenance work including managing residential buildings, office spaces, industrial real estate, and rental agreements.

Business needs include managing financial data for each property, integrating information from various third-party systems, and meeting strict regulations – all while adhering to tight month-end deadlines. Property management companies of all sizes can streamline their finances with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and the Advanced Multi-Company Solution (AMCS). Microsoft Dynamics 365’s robust financial modules provide a solid foundation, while AMCS adds features specifically designed to handle the complexities of managing multiple properties across different legal entities.

Together, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Advanced Multi-Company Solution (AMCS) can solve complex property management challenges of any size and any number of legal entities.

AMCS in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Dual Power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and AMCS

Consolidate Financials and Keep Them Secure

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant and a top-tier ERP system with a robust suite of accounting and finance modules. Standard features support property management companies accounting and reporting requirements while ensuring data accuracy and compliance across the entire portfolio. From banking to asset management capabilities, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can handle all business processes for property management companies.

Faciliate Accounting and Banking with Ease

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance delivers a robust suite of finance modules to support property management companies’ financials across portfolios and legal entities for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Fixed Assets and more. Automate reconciling 1 to hundreds of bank accounts in D365 while adhering to regulatory guidelines.

Seamlessly Integrate Your Ecosystem of Apps with AMCS

Property Management Multi-Company Accounting Automation Dynamics 365 Finance ISV Solution

The integration framework of AMCS can be used to easily integrate all relevant third-party applications into your Dynamics 365 Finance property management system. Keep high value and unique 3rd party add-ons in your ecosystem. AMCS makes it simple to connect your apps and your data including rent payments, escrow data, insurance, HOA, data streams, and more.

Automate Journal Posting Across Your Properties

Journal upload in AMCS

The Advanced Multi-Company Solution offers your property management accounting team a smarter approach to large scale accounting procedures with ten thousands of transactions and 3rd party data streams. Effortlessly validate and post all types of AP, GL, AR, FA journals across any number of legal entities directly within a single Dynamics 365 journal entry. Built-in data validation streamlines the process, eliminating manual work and minimizing the risk of human error.

Centralize. Integrate. Simplify.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 + AMCS + SKSoft

The perfect match for property management companies seeking efficiency, accuracy, and growth.

AMCS delivers powerful automation features to enhance efficiency. SKSoft's banking automation software simplifies bank account management Both Solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform

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