How to Create and Process a Sales Order Hold

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The order holds functionality is officially part of the Call Center module, but some features can be used without this module. The below blog is written assuming the Call Center module is not enabled.


Set up all Order holds required in Sales and marketing -> Setup -> Sales orders -> Order hold codes.
Set up optional parameters for each Hold code as follows:

  • Role: Select a Role that a user must be a part of in order to release the hold. If this parameter is clear, any user with proper permissions can release the hold.
  • Default for sales order: Mark this checkbox to default a new order hold to this Hold code.
  • Hold code color. This is used in several forms for order holds. It is most useful when viewing all order holds the Order hold form in Sales and marketing -> Common -> Sales orders -> Order hold.
  • Remove inventory reservation: Mark this parameter to remove any inventory reservations for an order with this hold code.
order hold codes
Figure 1 – Order hold codes setup form

Optionally, set up the default note type in Accounts receivable parameters -> General link -> Sales fast tab -> Note type field.

Account receivable
Figure 2 – AR Parameters > Note type setup

Order Holds Creation & Processing

To place an order on hold to prevent document posting (Confirmation/Picking list/Packing slip/Invoice), do the following:

1. Drill into the Sales order by double clicking on the order in the Sales order list page.

2. On the Sales order tab, click on ‘Order holds’.

Screenshoot in Dynamics AX
Figure 3 – Sales order header > Order holds

3. Manually create a new hold by clicking on New or pressing Ctrl+N.

Enter or select the Hold code and any Hold notes as shown below. Comments can also be entered in the header in Order hold header ‘Comments’ field. The Hold user ID and Hold date/time will automatically populate.

Screenshoot in Dynamics AX
Figure 4 – Order holds form

After saving/closing the form, an active hold will be created for the order. The Active hold creates several updates on the order:

  • Posting buttons are disabled for Confirmation, Picking list, Packing slip and Invoice.
  • Sales order header list page ‘Do not process’ checkbox is automatically marked. This is useful for filtering on all orders on hold. This is a read-only field that updates as the order holds are created and released.
  • Sales order header list page ‘Hold’ icon is displayed to indicate the order is on hold.
Screenshoot in Dynamics AX
Figure 5 – Sales order header order hold updates

4. To clear the order hold in order to release the order for processing, from the Holds button, click on ‘Clear holds’. This will clear the order hold and enable posting of order documents (Confirmation/Pick list/Packing slip/Invoice).

Order hold screenshoot in Dynamics AX
Figure 6 – Clear order hold

5. An active order hold can also be “checked out” to indicate the order hold is being reviewed by a user. Only the User Id of the user that checked the order hold out can check the order hold back in. If necessary, this can be overridden by users with proper authorization.

From the order holds form, click on the ‘Check out’ button to check an order hold out.

Order hold screenshoot in Dynamics AX
Figure 7 – Check out an order hold

To check an order back in, click on the ‘Clear checkout’ button.

Order hold screenshoot in Dynamics AX
Figure 8 – Clear checkout on order hold

6. To see a history of the order holds and releases for a specific order, including the time, date and user who cleared the hold, from the Order holds form, set the Show field = All (or Cleared).

Order hold screenshoot in Dynamics AX
Figure 9 – Order hold history. Update Show field to ‘All’ or ‘Cleared’ to see All or cleared holds

7. To see all orders on Order hold, go to Sales and marketing -> Common -> Sales orders -> Order hold.

The default is to show ‘Active’ holds (Show = Active)

Order hold screenshoot in Dynamics AX
Figure 10 – View all orders on hold

Did this article help you create and process a sales order hold? Please let us know by commenting below!


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