How to Begin a Microsoft Consulting Career With Little to No Experience!

If you are questioning your next career move, consider a profession in the world of Microsoft Consulting. Like many others, I recently found myself in the middle of a career change and was fortunate enough to find my path within the Microsoft Consulting industry. Let me take you on my journey into this fast paced, innovative, and rapidly expanding industry, and show you how you too can make the career jump with little to no experience.

Leah Sweeney

Leah Sweeney

When one is faced with a career change, there are many factors to consider. For this post, I will be focusing on experience, and how it plays a role in making the switch to a new career field; specifically, the world of Microsoft Consulting, and how someone with little to no experience can jumpstart their career. First, we will look at my recent switch to the world of Microsoft Consulting; followed by how the company I began working for navigates the current hiring challenges and staffing shortages with their innovative approach to training incoming candidates.


Throughout the last couple of years, there have been significant changes and disruptions to the US job market. The most troublesome being the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic early on in 2020, followed by growing unrest and unease from many employed individuals regarding their working conditions, employer expectations, and overall compensation. Whether it be health related, economic, personal choice, or even unexpected, the reality is that many are finding themselves in some sort of transitional phase and questioning what’s next when it comes to the future of their jobs and career paths. If you have found yourself in this position, then I recommend following this post closely, and considering if a career in Microsoft Consulting might be for you.

My Switch to the World of Consulting

Like many Americans, I too found myself in a transitional phase during 2021. After separating from my previous employer, and questioning what was next, I began to do some research. The research was a compilation of my current skills and competencies, experiences, and interests. At the end of this exhaustive search, I landed on the possibility of a career in Microsoft consulting.

Why is Microsoft Consulting an Appealing Career Path?

  1. Flexible – Often work from home
  2. Vast number of career paths and job opportunities
  3. Often comes with a growth mindset and culture for learning
  4. Extensive Networking: Meet people from all over the world/country
  5. Gain an understanding of many different industries by working with various clients, other partners, etc.

Along with some of the benefits above, I always had an affinity towards software & problem solving, two aspects that are particularly important in the Microsoft Consulting Industry. Now that I had identified a path, how could I make this a reality without having the years and years of experience and industry knowledge that often comes with the consulting territory. Here are some of the steps I took as I began this journey.

Important Considerations

  1. Research different career paths within the consulting industry.
    1. Even if you do not initially land your dream role, there are tons of career paths to get you where you want to be, and ways you can identify steppingstones to land your ideal job.
    2. Oftentimes, Microsoft Consulting jobs will have overlap within their skillsets & knowledge. This can allow for cross training and the pursuit of new passions and possibilities you might not have initially considered.
  2. Find a company that will invest in you. Find out what companies are doing to attract and retain their top talent. The consulting world is competitive by nature, and companies must have a plan to not only draw in the best candidates but retain those assets.
    1. NOTE: Talent does not necessarily equate to years of experience in that industry. Below you will learn more about how Avantiico is utilizing their own internal academy to source candidates with top level skills and potential to join their consulting team.
  3. Be open to new possibilities
    1. As you enter this new world of consulting, be open and aware of new possibilities. This industry comes with a lot of territory, which equates to unlimited possibilities.

Avantiico Academy

With the few steps above, combined with hard work and determination, I was able to interview for and land a position with an exceptional company called Avantiico. Avantiico is a Microsoft Gold Partner with extensive industry experience and an impressive client list. As Avantiico’s new Growth Manager, one of our top initiatives is the further development and expansion of Avantiico Academy.


This leads me to my next and final topic – how you too can start a career in Microsoft Consulting with little to no experience through Avantiico Academy. Avantiico Academy is a company sponsored training program that takes candidates through the necessary requirements needed to become a consultant. Oftentimes, candidates will have little to no experience with Microsoft software or in consulting but possess traits and skills that can be built upon. To some, this might seem like a big undertaking, however, Avantiico has formulated an education track that reaches all facets of what it means to be a consultant and created a dynamite program for success. 

Academy Highlights

  • 60-Day & 90-Day Course Program offerings
  • Extensive and relevant material – along with options to select interest courses to cultivate your own interests within the realms of Microsoft Consulting
  • Innovative training methods tailored to all styles of learning
  • On the job training and live session sit-ins
  • Mentorship program to ensure long term success and support
what we look for in candidates

The passion, focus, and knowledge of our consultants directly translates to our ability to provide exemplary services to our clients, who are at the heart of this service-based industry. The Avantiico Academy possesses the right tools and training methods to curate years of consulting knowledge in a short amount of time to get your Microsoft consulting career started on the right track. This combined with our mentorship programs, and continued success offerings is a combination for success and plays a role in ensuring we always provide top notch service to our clients.

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If you have ever considered a career in consulting, or any type of information technology, you might consider taking a path like myself, or checking out Avantiico Academy. Avantiico is a certified Great Place to Work in the United States, headquartered in San Diego. The number of possibilities in the world of Microsoft Consulting are vast, and Avantiico is making it easier than ever to make these possibilities a reality for you. Read more about the positions available at a Microsoft partner.

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